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The Oceans Matter Podcast powered by Boardsox surf hardware company has a mission is to talk to people from all walks of life about their connection to beautiful mother ocean. We will talk to a wide variety of people about their relationship with the ocean and its all-encompassing nature, from experts in marine biology to big wave surfers and everyone in between. We want to spread the amazing life-changing experiences and beautiful stories of people's interactions with the ocean.

Daniel OConnell

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Join us on this exciting episode of The Oceans Matter Podcast as we dive deep into the world of innovation and sustainability. Meet Zac Duryea and Jack Vitnell, the Co-Founders... more

Tim Silverwood is an award winning environmentalist who Co-Founded the take three for the Sea movement. He spent 10 years leading and building this world wide movement, while also becoming... more

Richie Vas is no stranger to the exhilarating world of big wave surfing, having grown up amidst the notorious era of the Bra Boys. Alongside renowned surfers like Mark Matthews,... more

Glen Casey has had an astonishing journey through life. Being born in the inner western suburbs of Melbourne, Glen stumbled upon surfing in his teenage years and was instantly hooked.... more

 Pete Ceglinsk is the CEO and founder of Seabin, a company that's dedicated to tackling one of the biggest problems facing our oceans today: plastic pollution.  Pete is a passionate... more

James Griffin is the Member for Manly and NSW Environment and Heritage Minister. He has been hugely influential in protecting our oceans and promoting the sport of surfing in NSW. ... more

Tom Wilson is Founder of Wave Changer an environmental surf organization that provides research and projects to speed up the transition to planet-friendly materials and encourage the right type of... more

Tom Carroll is an Australian icon of surfing, born and bred in Newport on the Northern Beaches. Tom managed to rack up 26 career world tour wins, three Pipe Masters... more

Boardsox is kicking off Season two of The Oceans Matter Podcast with a huge episode off one of the most ambitious grass roots environmental quests we have seen. Sam McLennan... more

Josh Kirkman is the newly appointed CEO of grassroots surfing organization Surfers For Climate, a grassroots organization aimed at enabling the surf community to take action on climate change. In... more

Brett Connellan is a top-tier talented surfer from the east coast of Australia, he had the humbling experience of every surfer's worst nightmare when he was attacked by a shark... more

Sustainable Surf uses the global appeal of Surf culture to protect ocean health and reverse climate change. There global programs and projects like SeaTrees and the ECOBOARD Project, provide direct... more

Deano Gladstone is a Bondi Lifeguard who was front and center as one of the head lifeguards during the rise of the TV series Bondi Rescue. He has transitioned into... more

Craig Brokensha is a surf forecaster at Swellnet. Providing surf forecasts for Australian and International locations. We delve into his journey of getting started at surfing in South Australia and... more

We sit down with Thomas Hobbs founder of Spooked Kooks surfboard company, the only surfboard company in the world that takes plastics out of the ocean and creates their boards... more

Matt Dunsmore is one of the leading underground big wave chargers in Sydney. He has been a standout in many sessions up and down the east coast and puts hunting... more

Roland Davies is an ocean lover & surfer, who runs Deus Store in Manly, and an environmental activist who expresses his passions by renovating and converting old trucks to run-off... more

Dr Robert Harcourt is leader of the Marine Predator Research Group at Macquarie University. He has authored over 320 scientific publications and written 2 books.  Dr Robs primary interests of expertise are in... more

Lucy Small is a professional longboarder, writer and leading gender equality speaker & activist. She's grown up in the heavy slab-riddled waters of Western Australia however has managed to come... more

04/12/2022 | 47 MINS


We sit down with one of Australia's most core underground watermen, Josh Ku. He recently scored wave of the day at a historic XL surf session at the central location... more

03/27/2022 | 35 MINS


We sit down with legendary Indigenous artist Zac Bennett aka Salt Water Dreamtime. We talk about everything from growing up in Wollongong, to artwork, surfing, his indigenous heritage, and everything... more

We sit down with Bondi legend, big wave charger and globe-trotting adventurer Eddy Hudson. We talk about everything from growing up in Bondi, to traveling the world surfing and relivinging... more

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