Ocean Start-up Ecosystem
Ocean Start-up Ecosystem

The ocean start-up ecosystem is comprised of  entrepreneurial support organizations that help ocean start-ups grow. While there are several organizations that claim to map all ocean start-ups, this is like counting the exact number of fish on a reef, or in other words impossible. There are start-ups that want to be found, some are ‘transitory, and others that operate in “stealth” mode and don’t want to be found. Therefore it’s impossible to ever know the true number. It is far more practical to count the organizations that support the start-ups. If these support organizations are healthy and growing, it’s fair to say the ocean tech start-up ecosystem is also doing well. 

The blue economy is indeed growing. At last count, it includes more than a hundred and eighty incubators, accelerators, clusters, competitions and other innovation hubs all focused on ocean tech. The interactive map below makes it easy to explore the global ecosystem.



Image Source: Unsplash 

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