Novoloop: Transforming plastic waste into performance materials
Issuer: Novoloop
Novoloop: Transforming plastic waste into performance materials





Novoloop: Transforming plastic waste into performance materials
Issuer: Novoloop

At Novoloop, we’re giving plastic trash new life. We transform packaging waste into high-performance materials used in shoes, cars, homes, and more. Recycled materials should not be inferior to virgin materials.

Our materials perform like those made from virgin fossil fuels and they contain up to 50% post-consumer recycled content and reduce up to 45% carbon emissions. Our low-carbon manufacturing method offers meaningful sustainability while maintaining quality for consumers, brands, and the materials industry as a whole.

Formerly known as BioCellection, Novoloop was founded in 2015 to deliver quality materials made from plastic waste through its patented low-carbon manufacturing technology ATOD. By transforming hard-to-recycle plastic waste, Novoloop pushes forward polymer chemistry while fighting today’s biggest environmental challenges. With its polyurethane product line Oistre™, Novoloop provides sustainable and customizable solutions for the footwear, sporting goods and automotive sectors. For more information, visit

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Novoloop is raising a $6M Series A with a target closing timeframe of September 2021. 

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