Neptune Aquaculture PE Fund
Issuer: Neptune NRCP, LLC
Neptune Aquaculture PE Fund






Neptune Aquaculture PE Fund
Issuer: Neptune NRCP, LLC

Neptune Aquaculture PE Fund represents a specialized investment platform focused on sustainable production and service businesses diversified across the global aquaculture value chain.

The purpose of Neptune is to deliver superior financial returns by investing in and developing innovative, sustainable and future-proof aquaculture companies.

Aquaculture Overview

The fastest-growing protein producing industry globally

  • Aquaculture outperformed all other major animal proteins with 10.4% CAGR supply growth over the last 15 years
  • Strong growth of global animal protein demand is driven by growing population, urbanization, increasing consumer shift from carbohydrate to protein-based diets & healthier protein, and the growing middle class
  • Aquaculture prices expected to grow (2.0% CAGR) by 2029 while general meat prices projected to slow down
  • Wild-catch seafood production is maxed out, meaning new supply must come from aquaculture
  • Increased production drives growth in services & inputs – producers are increasingly outsourcing to specialist service providers

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First investment overview:

  • Majority interest in a Norwegian aqua-service company
  • Company owns and operates 32 vessels globally
  • Contracts with tier-1 fish farm operators and feed companies
  • Exceptional track record and reputation
  • Exposure to high-growth industry segments
  • Management retain significant minority share
  • Projected Net IRR of +20%

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