Issuer: Loliware Inc.




Issuer: Loliware Inc.

Our mission is to advance the planet towards a plastic-free, decarbonized future with products that are Designed to Disappear.

LOLIWARE Inc. is an award-winning materials tech company focused on replacing single-use plastics with seaweed-based products that are Designed to Disappear™. 

Since its inception in 2015, LOLIWARE has been rewriting the story of destructive packaging with products that last for hours, not forever.  By harnessing seaweed to replace plastic at scale, LOLIWARE is tapping into its potential to regenerate our ocean and decarbonize our planet. 

  • After 5 years of development, LOLIWARE is the first company worldwide to successfully scale seaweed as a viable replacement for plastic by developing a seaweed pellet that is a 1:1 replacement for petroleum-based plastic pellets. 
  • The company’s innovative pelletized technology, SEA Tech™ (Seaweed-derived, Emission-avoiding, Alternatives to plastic) represents a new category of scalable biopolymers derived from seaweed - a bio-renewable, regenerative, and carbon-sequestering input.
  • Multi-patent-pending SEA Tech™ can be processed on existing plastic straw-extrusion manufacturing equipment. 

Why are pellets significant?

  • Pellets are suitable for extrusion, injection molding, and thermoforming manufacturing processes and act as a gateway for expansion across multiple single-use plastic applications.
  • Low adoption barrier for the plastics industry, enabling quick scaling and reduced capital investment for LOLIWARE, enabling rapid scale.
  • LOLIWARE can leverage low capital intensive contract manufacturing' relationships or license material technology to unlock widespread adoption.
  • Anonymizes and protects our multi-patent-pending formulation

Unprecedented Product-Market Fit 

  • Our first product is an award-winning ocean-safe, tree-free, bioplastic-free, home compostable drinking straw.
  • Organic inbound interest tops 440 Million Straws totaling $50+ Million Revenue
  • $2.1M qualified opportunity pipeline for Q1 2022
  •  First domestic launch partners active with Sunday Motor Co Café & Festivāl NYC, and Industrious Spirits Co. in Rhode Island launching soon. 
  •  In negotiation with 1 Hotels Group, targeting South Beach property.
  •  Negotiating two EU (Germany & France) distribution partnerships for Q2 launch
  • Meta (FB) pilot program launching in Q2
  • It's important to note that LOLIWARE is not a straw company, we are a materials tech company with applications in every category of single-use plastics. (See tech roadmap on slide 18 in investor deck) 
  • LOLIWARE was just awarded top product of the year from Environmental + Energy leader because they believe we have the ability to set a new industry standard for single-use plastics. 

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Bringing this vision to life is a diverse and global group of planetary visionaries, scientists, engineers, business leaders, strategists, and technologists with a shared vision for a plastic-free future.

 Key Executives

Sea F. Briganti (Chief Executive Officer and Founder), is a VC-backed product developer, climate activist, and award-winning social innovator.  Sea graduated at the top of her class at Parsons School of Design (Industrial Design & Engineering) and went on to build sustainable packaging and innovation pipelines for global CPG companies such as Coca-Cola, Pepsi, Nestle, and L’Oréal. 

Sam J. Murray (Chief Operating Officer) brings over 20 years of COO experience for global injection molding and extrusion companies with plants globally. He has also co-founded and led several firms from startup through exit (most recently with Lavit to Coca Cola Europe)

Dr. Victoria Piunova (Chief Technology Officer) (former IBM Research) brings over 10 years of experience in sustainable materials development for applications in biotechnology and sensing, including having invented 25 issued US patents and authored more than 30 publications in peer-reviewed journals. Victoria is a recipient of the Young Investigator award (2018) and Young Industrial Polymer Scientist Award (2021) from the American Chemical Society and holds a prestigious IBM Master Inventor title.

Karuna Rana (Head of Climate, Impact & Policy) brings over 10 years of career experience in the ocean and climate change space, including leading a SIDS-based non-profit, reducing ecological footprints of corporations, and tracking policies at the UN. She is also an award-winning Fulbright Scholar and holds a Master’s degree in Environmental and Energy Policy.

John Powers (Head of Sales) brings over 15 years of experience leading sales and distribution strategy and execution for the global market share leader, Red Bull Energy Drink; in addition to leading revenue operations for the premier corporate wellness provider, Garten. John is also the Co-Founder of CHOYCE ATHLETICS, a premium fitness and wellness brand.

(additional 9 team bios available by request)

LOLIWARE’s Scientific Advisory Board (LSAB) includes a high caliber group of award-winning scientists:

Dr. Carlos Duarte, a world-renowned marine scientist is guiding our seaweed supply chain, Dr. Louis Metzger formerly Novartis and chief scientific officer at Tierra Biosciences, is leading our grant-funded fundamental research, and Dr. Garret Miyake, an award-winning chemist, Sloan research fellow, and co-founder of Cypris materials is assisting our materials R&D and mechanical chemistry innovation. 



Sea F. Briganti: CEO and Founder of LOLIWARE, Climate activist, VC-backed product developer, and award-winning social innovatoR.

Oliver Libby: Managing Partner at H/L, Impact Investor, Entrepreneur, “Creating Positive Social Change through Effective Leadership Business”

Justin Kamine: Co-CEO of Do Good Foods, Partner of KDC.Earth, Forbes 30U30, 50 Most Impactful Entrepreneurs in the U.S

Nishan Degnarain: Economist specializing in the use of new technologies to drive sustainable economic growth, particularly for low- and middle-income countries, Chair of the London School of Economics' Ocean Finance Initiative


Hatzimemos / Libby, CityRock Venture Partners, Justin Kamine (CEO of Do Good Foods, partner of KDC.Earth), Geekdom Fund, New York Ventures, Gratitude Railroad, HUmanCo VC, Bryan Meehan (CEO of Blue Bottle Coffee), Magic Hour VC, SOA Seabird Ventures, For Good VC, The Good Fund, Sunset Ventures, NaHCO3 (the family office of Ashley & Marc Merrill), Closed Loop Ventures, Mark Cuban Companies, Sustainable Ocean Alliance, & Gigi Brisson of Ocean Elders. 



WWF: Women Leading the Plastic Revolution

E+E LEADER: Product of the Year 2021



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