Karner Blue Biodiversity Impact Fund
Issuer: Karner Blue Capital
Karner Blue Biodiversity Impact Fund




Karner Blue Biodiversity Impact Fund
Issuer: Karner Blue Capital

The fund seeks long term capital growth and dividend income by investing in global companies that are industry leaders with respect to protecting biodiversity, mitigating climate change and improving animal welfare as identified by Karner Blue's proprietary research.

Karner Blue Capital is a woman-owned and led enterprise, an SEC registered investment adviser, a Certified B Corporation and a signatory of the UN Principles for Responsible Investment (UN PRI) and the UN Finance for Biodiversity Pledge.

Scientists estimate that 1 million of Earth’s 8 million animal and plant species are currently threatened, and one-third of the total species extinction risk to date has arisen in the last 25 years. The financial sector holds great power to steer companies toward sound biodiversity practices. Financial institutions can influence the policies and procedures of companies, altering their behavior and consequent impact on the environment.

The KBC investment research process combines its proprietary biodiversity research framework with bottoms up fundamental financial analysis to promote impact through investment in forward looking companies.

Minimum investment - $2,000


A one-minute video of eight CEOs, including Vicki Benjamin, founder of Karner Blue Capital, reciting the Pledge together during a session with 17 Heads of State.

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