Can innovation, entrepreneurship and investment make the planet happier and healthier? Abigail Carroll thinks so. Known as Maine's Oyster Lady, Abigail sold her aquaculture and tourism business NONESUCH MAINE in 2021 and has since been advising and investing in high-growth start-ups in the US and Europe that seek to help solve some of the world's most pressing problems, all while turning a profit. Through conversations with founders, investors, and thought leaders, Abigail shares this thought-provoking and hope-promoting world with her audience. And always with a little humour.

Abigail Carroll

13 Episodes


Happy Planet Wednesday!  Pack your bags, we're headed to Kenya! This week we'll be speaking to Anga Mbeyiya, a South African seaweed entrepreneur whose company, Ole Blu, is transforming seaweed... more

Happy Planet Wednesday!  If you live on the coast, this is a podcast you might want to pay special attention to. Matt Campbell, President of NatrX, is joining us today... more

Happy Planet Wednesday!  This week's guest, Elizabeth (Liz) Muller is Co-Founder of Deep Isolation. While living in France, was impressed by France's nuclear power program, which provides nearly 70% of... more

Happy Planet Wednesday!   With all of the good work that oysters can do for the planet, filtering water, preventing erosion, reducing acidification, mitigating storm surge and more, entrepreneur George Birch... more

We are kicking off the season with the unstoppable Brian Skerry.  Brian is a world renown photojournalist and film producer specializing in marine wildlife and underwater environments. He has won... more

Happy Planet Wednesday !  Before I introduce our guest today I want to thank you for your support over the past year. Because, yes, today’s podcast concludes our first year... more

Happy Planet Wednesday!  This week we are joined by Vincent Doumeizel, a French native from Burgundy who is Director of the Food Program for Lloyd's Register Foundation as well as... more

Happy Planet Wednesday !  We are headed to Iceland today to meet Thor Sigfusson the Founder of Iceland Ocean Cluster, an innovation hub he founded in 2011 to focus on... more

Happy Planet Wednesday ! We've talked quite a bit about renewable energy on this podcast and we've also looked at old technologies that are coming back, often with a modern... more

Today, we are hopping over the Atlantic to speak with Louise Skajem and Aura Murillo, two young, UK-based women designers who are innovating in a marine area I never imagined... more

You may recognize today’s guest from episode 5. We’re here with Bernard Hidier, the French expat living in Maine who co-founded Finsulate the non-toxic antifouling solution that looks like velvet... more

09/12/2023 | 40 MINS

Can SafetyNet Save Our Fisheries?

We are going to kick off the fall season with a chat with Dan Watson, the UK-based founder and CEO of a fisheries startup called SafetyNet. I first met Dan... more

Fashion and smelly seaweed may seem like an odd pair but one company in North Carolina is spinning them together - quite literally! Our guest is Laura Hayes and she... more

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