Growth Blue – FCR
Issuer: Growth Partners Capital
Growth Blue – FCR
Growth Blue – FCR





Growth Blue – FCR
Issuer: Growth Partners Capital

Growth Blue is a Private Equity that has attracted the European Investment Fund as an anchor investor (€28M ticket), focused exclusively on companies operating in the “Blue Economy” sector, with the purpose of using ocean resources in a sustainable way, for economic growth.

The Fund will invest in small and medium enterprises preferentially located in Portugal, with a special focus on the seafood value chain, offshore energy, and technology areas. The target companies of the Fund can be characterized by presenting solid financial results (EBITDA >1.5M), with significant cash generation, with strong and diversified teams, with relevant know-how and innovative solutions that can guarantee to the company an intrinsic value and a growth strategy.

Finally, Growth Blue will enjoy unique characteristics in the market, due to its investment geography and experienced management team. Portugal has significant competitive advantages in terms of Blue Economy investment, due to a privileged geographical position, a large exclusive economic zone (European fifth larger), and the strong investment in this sector done by the European Union and the Portuguese Government. To complement these unique factors that make this sector in Portugal so attractive, Growth Blue is managed by a management team with a strong expertise in the Blue Economy, business management and financial investment.

Growth Blue targets standard PE returns (above 3.3x MoM) while having at the same time a positive and measurable impact in the ocean and planet.

Finally, Portugal enjoys a highly competitive fiscal regime for international investors, paying 0% taxes on Private Equity returns.

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European Investment Fundo (EIF)

The European Investment Fund (EIF) will be an anchor investor in the Growth Blue Fund, with a ticket of €28M.

Growth Blue was awarded with this ticket from the EIF, in a competitive process, and after an extensive due diligence process.

Management Team:

Miguel Herédia:

o   Miguel is an expert in blue economy and maritime affairs, having been founder and partner of consulting companies dedicated to this area. Miguel Herédia was part of the core team responsible for creating the Oceano Azul Foundation, with which he still collaborates.


Juan José Rodriguez – Navarro:

o   Juan José has more than 20 years of experience in financial asset management and private equity investments having achieved an annualized return of more than 14% and never ending a year in negative territory. Juan José has also worked for BBVA in Madrid and Lehman Brothers in London. In addition, he holds top positions in different financial investment companies in Spain, Luxembourg, Malta and Italy.


José Maria Cantero: 

o   José Maria has more than 25 years of experience in corporate management. Over this period of time, he held leadership roles in Marketing, Commercial and Strategic areas. José Maria currently serves as a member of the board and chairman of the remuneration and appointments committee at NH hotel group. In addition, he held top positions in large multinationals, such as Mutua Madrileña, Orange, Procter & Gamble and SegurCaixa Adeslas.


Growth Partners Capital

Growth Partners Capital is a private equity firm established in Portugal, with an Iberian vision and team, which currently manages 3 funds with approximately €160m of assets under management. Growth Blue is the fourth fund of the management entity and counts with an investment of 28 million euros from the European Investment Fund. Our clear focus is private equity with the objective to maximize the profitable growth of companies while securing downsize protection. 

With our investments, we strongly pursue an impact beyond growth in Iberia. We seek to generate profitable returns in Portugal and Spain maintaining a vision of sustainability, investing in companies that not only bring wealth to our investors, but also to the economies of both countries where we operate.

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