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Blue Innov is a French startup up dedicated to the development of sustainable innovations in the yachting and maritime industry. For the last 3 years, we have been focused on implementing Finsulate Antifouling in France, French Caribbean and Polynesia.

100 million liters of toxic paints are dumped in our oceans every year in the world and kill the marine life. We don't realize it because we don't see it.

Here is the answer : Nature is often the best teacher!

Finsulate is a self adhesive film replicating the sea urchin’s quills. The Finsulate surface consists of very fine fibers. The fibers are so close together that organisms cannot get in between. As nature is strong, fouling can occur eventually on top of the fibers. This fouling is easily cleaned off.

Efficient and non toxic Finsulate is a real alternative to antifouling paint.

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