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Plastics 101: Blue Economy Opportunities and Considerations to Reduce Ocean Plastics
Aquaculture industry considers innovative solutions to rising cases of salmon deaths
EU Announces $3.71 Billion Investment in Ocean Sustainability
Scientists Are Trying to Coax the Ocean to Absorb More CO2
Ocean Carbon Removal Is Uncharted Territory. The US Can Help Change That
The climate transition and investment opportunities for family offices
From reserves to revenue: How marine protected areas can drive economic growth
Ocean corporate pilot underway
Biden-Harris Administration invests $2.7 million to improve ocean observations with new robotic floats
Aquatic animal welfare as a key intervention to achieve sustainability
Saving Biology With Blue Biotechnology
These sustainability-tech companies use AI to improve ocean health by keeping plastics out, boosting coral reefs, and monitoring fish farms
Startups aim to curb climate change by pulling carbon dioxide from the ocean—not the air
Challenges of technology transfer for blue-economy innovation
Climate investors see growing opportunities in water tech
The First Open Ocean Carbon Removal Project in the U.S. Just Got a Green Light
U.S. EPA Launches $3B Clean Ports Fund
An ocean of opportunity for data-driven climate action
The ocean sector is a key frontier for climate-change action
Charting new courses for resilience and sustainability in the ocean economy
Largest DNA database of marine microbes to track the impact of global warming on ocean health
Offshore wind: how green energy depends on ocean observation data
Shipping sector will see 70% emissions rise as Red Sea corridor is avoided
8 ways that stopping overfishing will promote biodiversity and help address climate change
UNCW Launches Blue Economy Index
The oceans’ silent sentinel: how ocean observation data power marine climate change mitigation
US Invests $3.9 Million for Ocean-based Climate Resilience Accelerators
NASA Launches New Climate Mission to Study Ocean, Atmosphere
Why Nautical Investors Are Pouring Capital Into Better, Lower-Carbon Ships And Boats
Oceans “Forgotten” in Nature-related Analyses – UNEP FI
Ocean heating breaks record, again, with disastrous outcomes for the planet
COP28: mainstreaming the ocean agenda
'Wake up': Senate hearing considers threat of climate change on 'blue economy'
'Wake up': Senate hearing considers threat of climate change on 'blue economy'
Investing in Nature Is Gaining Traction. Will It Be Enough?
How Saudi Arabia is unlocking the power of the blue economy
Support for ‘Blue Deal’ Highlights Importance of Ocean Economy
Rare Unveils World’s First Impact Bond for Small-Scale Fisheries
COP28: Incremental advancement over business as usual
Oceans: A vast opportunity in climate and biodiversity investing
The Ocean Is Our Best Chance to Survive Climate Change
Blue Economy Has Bountiful Investment Opportunity
Blue Bonds: The New Kid on the Block in Sustainable Debt
The world has lost 14% of its coral reefs since 2009. Investing in a blue economy gives us a shot at saving the rest
Launch of Fiji’s first-ever Sovereign Blue Bond
Launch of the Ocean Breakthroughs: 5 pathways to catalyze action to achieve a healthy and productive ocean
Wave energy: ‘flexible’ energy mix needed for renewable future
Undersea Project Sets Bold Path For Blue Economy Investors
World’s largest seafood companies continue to lack transparency on social and environmental impacts
Why the travel and tourism industry should care about the state of the ocean
Marine Carbon Dioxide Removal: Potential Ways to Harness the Ocean to Mitigate Climate Change
Financing coral reef restoration through biodiversity credits
A National Marine Moonshot To Combat The Collapse Of Our Coral Reefs
Top Global Ports May Be Unusable By 2050 Without More Climate Action, Report Says
Superorganism Wants To Be The Conservationist On The Cap Table
From Fibreglass Sails To Charterer Buying Power: A Suite Of Interim Solutions To Cut Energy Use In Shipping
No Time To Lose On Ocean Treaty As Threats To High Seas Rise, Greenpeace Report Says
3 Things Businesses Can Do To Accelerate Ocean Health
Whitehouse, Colleagues Introduce Bill To Invest In Blue Economy, Spark Innovation In Coastal Communities
Fishing Startups Are Making The Industry More Sustainable By Repelling Bycatch, Recycling Nets, And Tackling Dredging — But They Need More Cash To Stay Afloat
New Guidance On Blue Bonds To Help Unlock Finance For A Sustainable Ocean Economy
It’s Time To Put Oceans To The Test In The Climate Fight, Scientists Say
New Study Could Help Countries Better Estimate How Much Power Their Waters Carry
Balancing Profit And Planet In The Ocean Tourism Industry
The Role of AI in the Burgeoning Blue Economy
Ten Ways to Unlock an Ocean of Opportunity
Overtourism: coastal management key as global traveller numbers return to pre-pandemic levels
Artificial Reefs Improve Productivity of Seagrass Meadows and Could Help Protect Against Climate Change, Study Finds
Bridging The Ocean Finance Gap
Coastal Wetlands Take Center Stage at 2023 Ocean and Climate Change Dialogue
The Future Of Sustainable Ocean Shipping
World Oceans Week
California Senate Approves Wave and Tidal Renewable Energy Bill
Powering Up a ‘Blue Economy’
Future Returns: Impact Investing Firm Expands to the Oceans of Latin America and the Caribbean
Quantifying Mangroves’ Value As A Climate Solution And Economic Engine
What It Takes to Attract Private Investment to Climate Adaptation
A dream team for ocean carbon capture?
Stem the tide of ocean pollution to save billions of lives, dollars, and our coral reefs
Singapore, LA, Long Beach Ports Ink Agreement on Green and Digital Shipping Corridor
An ocean of opportunity: how the private sector can fuel blue finance
4 Way to Invest in a Sustainable 'Blue Economy'
United States Opens $2.3M Competition For Novel Wave Energy Technologies
Developing the first ESG handbook for marine minerals
Investing to jumpstart the blue revolution
U.S Delegation Announced $6 billion USD in Commitments to Address Threats to Our Ocean, Doubling Last Year’s Pledge
Marine and UnderSea Technology Research Program (MUST) Receives $3.6M Grant for Sustained Research Efforts in Critical Blue Economy Sectors
Lawmakers, Aquarium Join Forces on 'Blue Economy' Agenda
Ocean 14 Capital’s Impact Fund Receives €30 Million Boost
Is ocean conservation the next climate tech? 7 investors explain why they’re all in
What Will It Take To Scale Sustainable Aviation Fuel In The Next Decade?
Cleaner Fuels, Electric Power Generate Growing Interest at Miami Boat Show
Running Tide Announced The Deployment Of Open Ocean Satellites
Davos 2023: What You Need to Know About Climate, Nature and Energy
How To Create A Healthy Ocean That Benefits Everyone
Ocean funds: diving into a $24trn ‘blue’ economy
The top 5 sustainability and climate trends to watch in 2023
How To Build “Blue” Skills For The Ocean Economy
Offshore Wind in 2022: Billions in Bids And New Confidence
Wanted: A Sea-Change in Climate Finance For Oceans
The US$2.5 Trillion Blue Economy Investment Opportunity
Four Trends In Green Technology And Venture Investment
Invest in Nature, and Nature Invests in Us
COP27: Key Takeaways and What’s Next
The Final Frontier of Ocean Exploration: Investing in Ocean Data and IOT
Climate Change Could Bring Back Wind As The Future Power Source For Ocean Cargo Ships
Making Sense of Big Ocean Data
Marine Biologists Are Optimising Fishing Practices in Europe
In a First, Nonprofit Buys Insurance for Hawaii’s Threatened Coral Reefs
How Ocean Data Innovation Is Changing How We See The Sea
To Protect the Ocean, Refinance Your Debt
6 Insights On Financing Clean Energy Projects In Emerging Economies
How To Shift The Ocean Narrative For A Sustainable Blue Economy
Is Sustainability the “New Luxury” for Coastal Resorts?
UC San Diego Unveils Second Cohort for Blue Economy Accelerator
Battery Made Using Seaweed Still Works After Charging 1000 Times
Green Fuel For A Blue Future: The Shipping Industry’s Shift Towards Decarbonisation
Ocean Investing Coming Into Focus
Decarbonisation of Shipping: The Challenges of Getting into Action
What’s the Value of Carbon?
Fuelling Sustainable Aviation for the Long Haul
UNDP launches second cohort of Ocean Innovators
What is Wave Energy?
The bright spots in a complicated ESG framework
Using the Ocean’s Power to Fight Climate Change
Bloomberg Philanthropies Supports Launch of New Project Incubator to Help Commonwealth Governments Implement High-Impact Ocean Solutions
Lessons from World Oceans Day 2022: a revitalised ocean economy
UN head declares ‘ocean emergency’ as global leaders gather in Lisbon
Measuring the splash: how will the UN Ocean Conference impact global goals?
Can aquaculture businesses expect a “waterfall of capital”?
5 things you should know about the UN Ocean Conference, a chance to save the planet’s largest ecosystem
The value of sustainability reporting and the GRI Standards
Collaboration for Ocean Health
AHOY: Newday Ocean Health ETF
Delivering a Sea - Change: A G7 Ocean Finance Deal
Why financial regulators need to consider ocean biodiversity
The “Ocean 100”: how a small group of companies dominate ocean economy
ESG Book aims to 'disrupt' sustainability sector with free data
The energy transition needs metals. But it needs social awareness too
How to drive investment into the blue economy
Blue Tech Voices - SeaAhead
Blue bonds: What they are, and how they can help the oceans
Meet the New Champions of stakeholder capitalism
How to boost collaboration to curb plastic pollution in emerging markets
Restorative aquaculture: Marine Cultures
Our First Investments in the Blue Economy
The blue economy – a drop in the ocean
How finance is catching the blue wave
Ten to Watch: Pioneers of the Blue Economy
Ten to Watch: Pioneers of the Blue Economy
‘Black Wednesday’ for big oil as courtrooms and boardrooms turn on industry
5 things we can do in 2021 that will protect the ocean and change lives
The global eco-wakening: how consumers are driving sustainability
Citizen Science Increasingly Informs Ocean Expertise—and Policy
To Achieve 30% Ocean Protection Governments Can Look Beyond Conventional Tools
Climate’s Catch-22: Ocean’s health = people’s wealth
Reshaping the two biggest carbon-emitting sectors to meet new US climate targets
How to spot the difference between a real climate policy and greenwashing guff
‘Historic’ German ruling says climate goals not tough enough
“In finance, you have to talk about the blue economy”
Ocean Tech Innovation Needs a (Nonfinancial) Capital Injection
Ocean energy: An important ally in the fight against climate change
Optimal fuel supply of green ammonia to decarbonise global shipping
Coalition of Philanthropic Funders Unveil More Than $250 Million Ocean Resilience and Climate Alliance to Supercharge Ocean-Based Climate Solutions
The potential of ports in developing Sustainable First Mover Initiatives
Generating Opportunities
A deeper dive into the blue economy: the role of the diving sector in conservation and sustainable development goals
30x30 From Global Ocean Treaty to Protection at Sea
The Trillion-Dollar Auction to Save the World
Engaging the Tropical Majority to Make Ocean Governance and Science More Equitable and Effective
The Blue Compendium
The Post-2020 Global Biodiversity Framework and What it Means for Business
Space-Based Solutions for the Blue Economy
Climate Risk In Financial Portfolios
High-Quality Blue Carbon Principles and Guidance A Triple-Benefit Investment for People, Nature, and Climate
Biocredits to Finance Nature and People
The Top 15 Anticipated ESG-Related Considerations That Will Influence Strategy in 2023
Assessing the Financial Links to Natural Capital
How Much Carbon Dioxide Goes From the Air Into the Oceans?
Delegates Come Close, But Fail Again to Clinch High Seas Protection Treaty
5 Ocean Startups Transforming the Future of Marine Conservation
ESG Reports Aren’t a Replacement for Real Sustainability
ESG Reports Aren’t a Replacement for Real Sustainability
The 9th annual World Ocean Summit Virtual Week
The State of World Fisheries and Aquaculture 2022: Towards Blue Transformation
Funding the Big Blue: Offshore and High Seas Marine Protected Area Finance
Why the Ocean Matter in Climate Negotiations
Turning the Tide: Recommended exclusions
Ocean Disclosure Initiative
Rewarding Conservation Efficiency in Marine Protected Areas
Traceable Returns
Breaking the Plastic Wave - Summary Report
Blue carbon: The potential of coastal and oceanic climate action
Newday AHOY Tidal Summary
Blue Infrastructure Finance: A new approach, integrating Nature-based Solutions for coastal resilience
Navigating Ocean Risk: Value at Risk in the Global Blue Economy
Recommended Exclusions for Financing a Sustainable Blue Economy
The Rising Tide: Mapping Ocean Finance for a New Decade
Diving Deep: New Guidance on Finance, Ocean Pollution, Plastics and Coastal Resilience
Navigating Ocean Risk: Shaping the Transition to a Sustainable Blue Economy
Reviving the Oceans Economy: The Case for Action
Risk and opportunity in the seafood sector
The Business Case for Sustainable Seafood
ESG Explainer: The Blue Economy
Scaling Investments in Nature
ESG in Asset Management: A Global Perspective
ESG Investing and Climate Transition: Market Practices, Issues and Policy considerations
Pathways to Sustainable Investing
Stakeholder Capitalism Metrics: The Investors’ Case
You Can’t Go Green Without Blue
Financing a sustainable ocean economy
Energy Transition
CREO Investment Report Release: Aquaculture Value Chain
Becoming #GenerationRestoration: Ecosystem Restoration for People, Nature and Climate
Enabling conditions for an equitable and sustainable blue economy
An Eco-Wakening: Measuring global engagement, awareness and action for nature
Sea Change: Using Citizen Science to Inform Fisheries Management
Information Sharing Is Key to Ending Illegal, Unreported, and Unregulated Fishing
The role of aquatic foods in sustainable healthy diets
“How do we manage fisheries in the midst of climate change?” Q&A with EDF’s Eric Schwaab
The Blue Economy and the United Nations’ sustainable development goals: Challenges and opportunities
COP26 and the ocean-climate nexus
The Second World Ocean Assessment (Volume II)
The Second World Ocean Assessment (Volume I)
Ocean Finance: Financing the Transition to a Sustainable Ocean Economy
Turning the Tide: How to Finance a Sustainable Ocean Recovery
Sustainable Bonds Insight 2021