Coral Reef Curiosities

Coral Reef Curiosities
By Chuck Weikert

Coral Reef Curiosities is a collection of short, beautifully illustrated articles about coral reef animals. With each turn of a page you’ll find out something new and fascinating about reef creatures and their role in human history.

With expertise and enthusiasm Chuck Weikert, retired Chief of Interpretation for Virgin Islands National Park, leads us on a tour of the coral reef like no other. Along the way he shows how groupers team up with moray eels to hunt, what role the snake-haired sorceress Medusa played in the origin of coral reefs, why the octopus despises the rat, and how the sedentary sea squirt is more like us than we might imagine— to name just a few of the adventures.

The book’s innovative blend of natural history, the arts, ancient myths, science and maritime exploration reveals the secrets of Colossal Squids, Hawksbill Sea Turtles, Bumphead Parrot Fish, stingrays and frogfishes, even a solar-powered sea slug.

For avid scuba divers, snorkelers, and armchair travelers who are just plain curious about the world around them, a visit to the coral reef or public aquarium will never be the same. So dive right in!

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