C-Power - powering the new ocean economy
Issuer: C-Power (Columbia Power Technologies, Inc.)
C-Power - powering the new ocean economy




C-Power - powering the new ocean economy
Issuer: C-Power (Columbia Power Technologies, Inc.)

The $3 trillion global ocean economy has started a massive transition from the people, carbon and capital status quo to a cheaper, safer, cleaner, autonomous, connected, and electric future. This change requires clean, carbon-free power sources not available today. C·Power’s technology transforms the world’s oceans from a power desert into an energized, data-enriched environment, enabling the innovations our customers need to transform their operatons. We are the world leader in delivering ultra-reliable, cost-effective, clean energy generation and communications solutions for the commercial, federal and research markets.

Our customers need to reduce costs, operational complexity, and carbon emissions to survive. This is forcing entire industries to transition from manned, carbon-fueled operational models to autonomous, digital, connected and clean ones. However, the required innovations and technologies simply cannot be implemented because there are no low-cost, reliable, clean power supplies. 

Our products solve this power problem. Think of them as an offshore EV-charging station, data server, and cell tower in one easy-to-operate, autonomous package, providing power, energy storage and real-time data and communications capabilities where there are none today. Our systems allow customers to save money; electrify and decarbonize offshore activities; increase human and environmental safety; reduce shore dependencies and operational complexities; collect, retrieve, and analyze richer data more often; and solve other critical needs they can’t today.

C·Power’s technology is built on decades of ocean energy experience and tens of thousands of hours of engineering, modeling and testing. It was developed with the assistance of over $30 million of non-dilutive, competitively-won R&D funding from U.S. Department of Energy, U.S. Navy and others. It is the single solution for power and real-time data and comms, with the first product sold into a Navy project and 44 patents granted to date. The company has a strong, experienced management team and U.S. and U.K. operations. 


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C-Power has:

- sold its first product, to be delivered in 1Q21

- recruited significant industry partners into its suplly chain and distribution channel

- received 44 patents to date

- has received over $30 million of competitively-won R&D grants from US Dept of Energy, US Navy and other US and international entities, including over $6 million of contracted pipeline

- has performed tens of thousands of hours of modeling, engineering and testing in bringing its products into the market

- recently named an Innovation Awardee from the Defense TechConnect conference


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