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Bionic Yarn
Issuer: Bionic Yarn

BIONIC® is a call to action to clean up the environment and make the global community tougher, more united and more resilient.  

The critical ingredient of BIONIC® is recovered plastic. Simply collecting this plastic waste is a tremendous task — but, like our materials, the work of collection is tied to public service and the greater good.

BIONIC is a mission-driven materials science company built around the belief that performance and sustainability are not mutually exclusive. A producer of  textiles, polymers, and other materials made from recovered, recycled, or regenerative sources, BIONIC first made its name manufacturing high-grade yarns and fabrics using rescued marine and coastal plastic that would otherwise have been left to pollute the world’s oceans. 

Adopting a deeply holistic approach, BIONIC not only designs and manufactures finished products, but ensures the traceability of their raw materials by building plastic recovery infrastructure along the coastlines of developing nations. This infrastructure serves as a public utility in places that often have little or no municipal waste management, and provides jobs, education, and empowerment opportunities to local communities and environmental organizations.

Founded and headquartered in New York City, the company operates in Central America, North America, and Asia, and has established vertical supply chains worldwide, tracking their product from coastline to commercial shelves. BIONIC entered the market in 2009 with its patented HLX yarn construction, which ensured durability and a refined finish without sacrificing sustainability. Since then, the diversity of the company’s product line has grown alongside its impact.


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