Aquanzo SAFE scale up
Issuer: Aquanzo Ltd.
Aquanzo SAFE scale up





Aquanzo SAFE scale up
Issuer: Aquanzo Ltd.

Together with my co-founder, Stefanie, we created Aquanzo and raised £250,000 in February 2022 to address the problem of limited marine resources for the animal feed industry, it’s crazy we have to fish fish to farm fish. We have taken the best the ocean has to offer, marine zooplankton, and are pioneering large-scale sustainable farming of this marine ingredient.

We are developing technologies to produce a special type of zooplankton, Artemia, using agricultural byproducts and processing it to a dry, high-protein ingredient. This unlocks sustainable, scalable and controlled production of strategic marine ingredients for the $69.2bn aquafeed industry. Our aim is to maximise sustainable aquaculture development, improve food security and protect the ocean by reducing the pressure on wild krill harvest by 54%.

We finished building out our lab and designs, and validated the nutritional analysis showing prototypes grown on different agricultural by-products and have strong potential to outperform fishmeal. With the current production capacity, we are running the first in vivo fish trial in Q1 2023, allowing us to quantify further health and growth benefits.

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  • Raised £250,000 oversubscribed pre-seed round (capped by FAST programme).
  • Semi-finalist of the Nutreco NFFTC22

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