Issuer: Aquaai Corporation





Issuer: Aquaai Corporation

The Aquaai solution is designed for the 21st century of climate issues, which is to reduce the expense that goes into collecting and tracking environmental data. Aquaai fights the climate crisis and protects marine and freshwater environs by providing data so blue economy industries can protect the water, mitigate the climate crisis and grow sustainably. Aquaai is both a software (data) and hardware (underwater robot / AUV) B2B company.  

Our unique bio-inspired robotic technology is a specialized fishlike Autonomous Underwater Vehicles (AUVs) that collects visual and environmental data unobtrusivley then delivers the data to an online dashboard offering customers an end-to-end solution FaaS, fish-as-a-service. 

Aquaai's Mazu (Goddess of the Sea) is the first UNTETHERED affordable bio-inspired, AUV to enter the market. The fishlike design uses energy efficient fin propulsion to immerse with the natural habitat and swim up close to the source for superior data acquisition. MAZU operates autonomously using GPS waypoints, computer vision and artificial intelligence for navigation. Loaded with off-the-shelf cameras and sensors, MAZU is built modular for easy single-person deployment, maintenance and scalability. Data sets accessed on the Aquaai Control System allow the customer to make smart decisions, mitigate risks, and ultimately preserve the natural water environment. Following on our successful tethered biomimetic robot prototype, Nammu, Aquaai's upgraded Mazu swims untethered and has wireless and long- distance communications, close proximity and autonomous navigation, as well as a multi-directional swim-pattern tail design that allows the platform to transition with ease in different bodies of water.

We promote sustainability within industries challenged by climate change, population growth and market demands, while keeping with UN SDG goals and objectives. The Aquaai team is formed by highly qualified international professionals, with a perfect combination of R&TD, operations, business, scientific research, product  maufacturing and marketing acumen totaling 211 years of combined experience. We have market entry, purchase orders and seek capital to scale.

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  • Purchase orders $2.4m value, $13m in the pipeline
  • Seal of Excellence for impact, quality & efficiency from European Commission
  • Hardware Cup semi-finalist
  • Industry leader as customer and partner
  • Leading research institutes as collaboration partners - The European Space Agency and Nofima
  • Grant recipient from Innovation Norway
  • Top Innovation Award Fish 2.0 Stanford Global Forum
  • Creative Destruction Lab graduate, SOA
  • Successful 8month pilot swimming 24/7 in Arctic Circle waters
  • Expansion into Norway with US wholly owned subsidiary
  • 30 Women in Robotics You Need To Know About
  • Forbes Women in AI

Current investors: Boost VC (Adam Draper), Backstage Capital (Arlan Hamilton), Ad Astra Ventures (Silvia Mah, Vidya Dinamani & Allison Long Pettine), Kvarøy Fiskeoppdrett, GrowthX (Will Bunker & Sean Sheppard) and a handful of angels

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