Maine Land-based Aquaculture
Issuer: American Unagi
Maine Land-based Aquaculture
Maine Land-based Aquaculture
Maine Land-based Aquaculture
Maine Land-based Aquaculture






Maine Land-based Aquaculture
Issuer: American Unagi

American Unagi is an aquaculture company raising premium quality eels in a sustainable recirculating aquaculture system (RAS) on the coast of Maine.  Our responsibly-raised product is the only farmed eel in the US with a Good Alternative rating by Seafood Watch and harvesting our juveniles exclusively from licensed Maine glass eel fishermen gives our products an unparalleled traceability.  American Unagi offers live eels, frozen butterflied fillets, and incredible ready to eat smoked products. In an import-dependent industry plagued with traceability issues and product health concerns, Sara Rademaker founded American Unagi to grow a "better" American eel one that is better for the customer, the species, and the community.


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Founder Sara Rademaker has over 15 years of experience in the aquaculture industry and has not only built a strong team but has a company focused on raising a great species utilizing proven technology.



American Unagi is the only company successfully cultivating American eel in US 


As the first and only company to bring Maine grown eels to market the company has the formula for success in aquaculture: the fish, the technology, and a great team



  • ·      Skilled Principals 
  • ·      Advisory Board of Aquaculture and Eel Fishery Leaders
  • ·      Best-in-class engineering 



  • ·      Four years pilot plant operations 
  • ·      Three years existing sales and market momentum
  • ·      Revenue diversity with live and value-added products



  • ·      Approved by Federal Regulators for exclusive 200 pound fishery quota
  • ·      Supported by fishermen and local community


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