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ASPN, a service of Coastal News Today, is the platform for top minds in coastal and ocean business, policy, science, and advocacy. With ASPN, you'll be better prepared, better informed, and better equipped to thrive, no matter what you do on the coast. See the complete coastal landscape with ASPN and CNT and gain insight into the critical issues affecting the American shoreline.

No other platform brings together so many cross-sectional coastal experts. We believe understanding the spectrum of coastal issues and interests is the key to truly thriving on the American shoreline.

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On this special rebroadcast, Brian Yurasits sits down with Rocco Costa to chat about recreational fishing in New York. Rocco descends from a classic Italian fishing family who has navigated New... more

In this episode of Going Coastal, your co-hosts Jon and Marissa will introduce you to the president and vice president of the SNP Chapter: Eve Eisemann and Taylor Zimmerman! We’ll... more

We have a whole 10 years to celebrate the ocean during the Ocean Decade, but we're doubling up this month as June is officially World Ocean Month and June 8th is... more

On this episode, Peter Ravella and Tyler Buckingham welcome Helen Brohl to the show to talk about her new show coming out on ASPN later this month, "North Coast Chronicles:... more

On this special rebroadcast of the Sea Change podcast, Jenna Valente is joined by Danni Washington, the co-founder of Big Blue and You,  co-creator of Sea Youth Rise Up, a... more

The Serra de Tramuntana mountain range in Mallorca, Spain is a UNESCO world heritage site under the ‘cultural heritage’ category. With centuries of rich history and multiple cultures shaping the... more

Howard and Dan team up with Derek Brockbank from the Coastal States Organization to break down the President’s FY22 budget proposal. The big question: How well does the proposal do... more

This week, Peter Ravella and Tyler Buckingham welcome Dr. James Sullivan back to the show to discuss the condition of Florida's harmful algal blooms, most notably Cyanobacteria (blue-green algae) and... more

In this special rebroadcast of the first of Changing Waters' 2019 series on the plight of southern resident killer whales, National Fisheries Conservation Center's Deputy Director Julia Sanders interviews NOAA... more

On The Capitol Beach, Derek Brockbank looks at the Federal Flood Risk Management Standard (FFRMS) with Chad Berginnis from the Association of State Flood Plain Managers (ASFPM) and Joel Scata with NRDC. The FFRMS was... more

If there’s one thing we can count on along our dynamic coasts, it’s change. With rising seas, warming waters, and extreme storms reshaping our shores, now more than ever, coastal... more

On this jam-packed show, Peter Ravella and Tyler Buckingham are joined by Brad Warren, host of ASPN's Changing Waters podcast and Executive Director of the National Fisheries Conservation Center, to... more

05/22/2021 | 31 MINS

The Geography of Risk

On this rebroadcast of the Ship to Shore podcast from May 2019, host Robert Frump is joined by Gilbert M. Gaul to discuss his (then) new book, The Geography of... more

Join Jenna on this episode of the Sea Change Podcast as she welcomes back her pal and friend of the network, Willis Brown. Some of you may remember Willis from... more

In this month's episode of the American Blue Economy Podcast, we explore the Marine Transportation System (MTS) and how to make it more sustainable, productive, and efficient. Our guests include... more

This week, host Peter Ravella and Tyler Buckingham head out to the West Coast to look at coastal management in the Golden State. Joining the show is Dr. Charles Lester,... more

On this special rebroadcast of the Catch Curve, host Robert Jones sits down with legendary outdoor writer Shannon Tompkins to discuss the environmental, political, and policy changes he has observed... more

Are the oceans being emptied out by overfishing or are fish stocks recovering thanks to recent efforts to strengthen the sustainability of harvests? And who gets to decide? On this... more

Welcome to Episode 1 of the ASBPA Students and New Professionals (SNP) Chapter podcast: Going Coastal! This podcast is for all things coastal for current and emerging coastal professionals across... more

This week on Delta Dispatches, Jacques brings back our friends from the Coalition to Restore Coastal Louisiana James Karst, director of communications and marketing, and Emily Vuxton, policy director. James... more

This episode of the Sea Change Podcast features activism in action! Join Jenna as she checks in with Diane Wilson, a 4th-generation shrimper, activist, and author who is currently on a... more

On this special rebroadcast of the American Shoreline Podcast from March 2019, Peter Ravella and Tyler Buckingham revisit their first show with Dr. Joseph G. Kunkel. Joe, as he prefers... more

This month's episode of The Ocean Decade Show is all about baseline data! Dr. Salvatore Aricò from the Intergovernmental Oceanographic Commission helps us dive into the Global Ocean Science Report... more

Everyone in Washington is talking infrastructure, but where is the talk about water? On the next episode of the WaterLog podcast, Howard and Dan wade through how Congress and the... more

This week, Peter Ravella and Tyler Buckingham have the pleasure of welcoming the hosts of the newest shows to the American Shoreline Podcast Network:  "Going Coastal" and "Rising Sea Voices."... more

On this special rerun, late host Dan Martin welcomes Doug Marcy, Coastal Hazards Specialist at NOAA's Office for Coastal Management. Dan and Doug discuss the amazing work that NOAA and other... more

Individuals have been drawn to the coastline for centuries, evident by the number of thriving metropolitan cities located adjacent to waterfronts all over the world. In the United States, 40%... more

This week on Delta Dispatches we’re talking about the inspirational new exhibit at the Ogden Museum of Southern Art which features works from John Taylor, storyteller, environmentalist, self-taught artist and... more

This episode, Peter Ravella and Tyler Buckingham welcome Russ Boudreau (Principal, Coastal Fronteers) to the show to discuss the intricacies of coastal engineering through the lens of a project in... more

On this special rebroadcast episode of Changing Waters, the late, great Thane Tienson sits down with Randy Fisher, Executive Director of the Pacific States Marine Fisheries Commission (PSMFC). Established in 1947 by consent of... more

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