12 Tides - Ocean Positive Foods
Issuer: Tidal Foods PBC
12 Tides - Ocean Positive Foods
12 Tides - Ocean Positive Foods




12 Tides - Ocean Positive Foods
Issuer: Tidal Foods PBC

12 Tides is a regenerative food technology company creating the world's first products from organically farmed North American kelp.

Market Opportunity

  • Consumers are increasingly focused on the impact of their food and lifestyle decisions on the planet (sustainability-focused products have driven 55% of dollar growth while only representing 16% of the market)
  • This trend is driving the growth in the regenerative food movement, and movement away from extractive, industrial agriculture
  • 'Regenerative' is the next evolution of the organic food movement, which has grown to be a $30B segment in the packaged food world and has led to many strategic acqusitions by the world's largest food companies
  • Organic kelp farming is the #1 most regenerative form of food production in the ocean by absorbing excess CO2, providing ecosystem services, and requiring no resource-intensive inputs
  • 12 Tides will be the brand that connects the regenerative food movement to the oceans


  • Net sales have reached $2.2mm with 10+% month-over-month growth since November 2020 launch
  • According to SPINS, 12 Tides ranks in the top 5% of the category in terms of retail velocity, ahead of leading brands like Barnana, Dang, Brads, Bare, Rhythm, Gimme and SeaSnax
  • Over 45% online repurchase rate
  • ~4.5-star ratings on online platforms including Thrive and Amazon
  • #1 highest velocity product at Erewhon, a premier and trend-leading organic retail chain in LA

Retailers and Awards

  • Nearly 1,000 retail doors in the US, including Whole Foods
  • Available on all of the top online grocery platforms, including Thrive Market, Good Eggs, and Imperfect Foods
  • Expo West NEXTY award winner for Best Organic Food
  • Featured in goop, mindbodygreen, Thrillist, and well+good


  • In-house kelp processing and manufacturing capabilities that allow us to develop truly unique products using kelp as the #1 ingredient
  • Established kelp supply chain with seasonal agreements with farmers ensures supply of our key input
  • Internally developed home compostable packaging will be patented once certification process is complete

12 Tides is raising a $1.5mm seed extension in a SAFE with the key terms below:

- $8mm valuation cap

- 20% discount

- 6% accruing interest


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Team & Advisors

Notable Investors

Katapult Ocean - Leading ocean technologies accelerator

Rose Culinary - F&B focused investment fund

Ken Powell - Former CEO of General Mills

Janica Lane - Managing Director of Consumer Investment Banking, Piper Sandler

John Roulac - Executive Producer of Kiss the Ground, Founder of Nutiva

Tara Bosch - Founder of SmartSweets

Chad Abraham - CEO of Piper Sandler

Rusty Schwartz - Founder/CEO of KitchenTown

Mark Schulze - CFO, Partners in Food Solutions

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