World Oceans Week 2024 @ The Explorers Club

June 2 @ 2pm - 5pm

“Who Governs the Oceans?” with Francois Baliet, Head of UN World Oceans Day

Kick-off event for Blue Generation Program, 30+ emerging ocean leaders under the age of 35 at TEC headquarters Sunday-Wednesday.

June 2 @ 5pm - 7pm

VIP/Blue Gen: WOW 2024 Kick-off Reception

Kick-off celebration hosted by Only One. Tours of Explorers Club HQ featuring new bar and WOW art installations. Private event.

June 3 @ 9am - 11am

The Bahamas: Philanthropy & Impact Investing

Private Event hosted by Builders Vision, part of the Lukas Walton Foundation

June 3 @ 5pm - 6pm

World Oceans Week Program Kick-off

Joined virtually by WOWs around the world (Mexico, Italy, Canada, Washington DC). Multiple Explorers Club flag returns/send offs. Ticketed event.

June 3 @ 6pm - 8pm

Main Program: Big Ideas

Announcement of new Florida Hope Spot; Great Blue Wall with Barkha Mossae (IUCN); Sylvia Earle Sea-side chat with David Gruber, CETI Project (TED Audacious Prize Winner, Talking to Whales). Followed by reception. Ticketed event.

June 4 @ 9am - 12pm

West Indian Ocean: Blue Economy Developments

Panel featuring Barkha Mossae, OceanHUB Africa, and others. Ticketed event.

June 4 @ 5pm - 6pm

Ambassador Hour: Sea Turtles – Beneath the Waves

The Sea Turtle Ambassador Hour, featuring Callie Veelenturf of the Leatherback Project on the Rights of Nature and her work in Panama. Ticketed event.

June 4 @ 6pm - 8pm

Tom Ford Plastic Innovation Prize – Panel & Reception

Hosted by Tom Ford/Lonely Whale. Features seaweed film sneak-peek and CEOs from the three prize winners, all seaweed related (Sway, Notpla, Zerocircle). Followed by reception. Ticketed event.

June 5 @ 3pm - 5pm

Investing in Blue Foods: Solving for the Missing Middle

Private event hosted by the TIFS Initiative, Aqua-Spark, and Investable Oceans.

June 5 @ 6pm - 8pm

Sustainable Seafood Soiree

Featuring 8-10 innovative startups from the sustainable seafood space, including plant based alt., responsibly sourced fish, etc. Ticketed event.

June 6 @ 9am - 12pm

Frontiers in Blue Data: Leveraging Technology and Collaboration to Accelerate Effective Ocean Stewardship

Private event hosted by MITRE and Investable Oceans.

June 6 @ 5pm - 6pm

Ambassador Hour: Foraminifera – Microscopic Marvels

The Foraminifera Ambassador Hour, with Micropaleontologist Beverly Goodman taking us inside the beautiful single-celled world of the mighty foram. Ticketed event.

June 6 @ 6pm - 8pm

Celebration of Captain Don Walsh, followed by Frontiers in Deep Sea Exploration Panel

Moderated by author Susan Casey, presenters include Alan Jamieson, Victor Viscovo, Alvin (WHOI), Falkor Too (Schmidt Ocean Institute, Jyotika Virmani). Ticketed event.

June 7 @ 10am - 1pm

UN World Oceans Day

June 7 @ 4pm - 5pm

Ambassador Hour: Oysters

Join Billion Oyster Project with Julie Qui, an international oyster expert and educator to learn about oysters and the power of oyster reefs in large scale conservation efforts. Ticketed event.

June 7 @ 5pm - 7pm

Oyster Riot: Beer and Oysters

Reception hosted by the Billion Oyster Project. Ticketed event.