Jeremy McKane - Ocean Actionist

Artist, Ocean Warrior, Explorer, Student Pilot

Jeremy McKane is an Artist with a background in technology. At 18, he found himself working in a startup that would one day become (for a time) the world’s largest web hosting provider.

It was this early experience that provided an alternate perspective. As an artist, McKane’s work often includes a mixture of technology and thought provoking imagery about our oceans. McKane uses Art to engage the public to do something about the threats facing the Ocean. He is also the founder of OCEAN™ that aims to protect Our Oceans by reducing enforcement expense and defining value with the biodiversity that exists within.

Today McKane is working with, 5GYRES and Take3 Australia Conservation groups to urge his viewers to just take 3 pieces of trash and put it in its appropriate bin. Beyond that his latest installation LUCiD pushes further to show viewers innovative people around the globe that find new ways to keep trash out of the ocean and how to re-use it. 

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Necker Island 

The Ocean Summit on Necker Island was created by Jeremy McKane and Susi Mai. The idea was to bring activists from all around the world in four main categories:

  • Ocean Impact Investors
  • Ocean Tech Entrepreneurs
  • Scientists and Policy Makers
  • Artists and Storytellers

Our inaugural Ocean Summit on Necker Island occurred on February 1 2019. Over 70 people from 10 different countries came together not to discuss ideas but to discuss action. Our hope is to make a dent in protecting these oceans each year.

The second summit takes place in January 2020 and looks to stimulate new ideas in 3 areas

How can we advance policy-making and remove political roadblocks to greater ocean protection?

How can we promote and reduce costs of technological solutions that implement and enforce solutions on the water?

How can we create a new wave of entrepreneurship and sustainable finance for ocean protection?

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Ridge to Reef - Episode 2 - Tonga

For many of us in the Western world, the impacts of climate change are theoretical. We hear frightening statistics and witness policy debates in Washington, but the effects of global warming are by and large removed from our daily lives. But for the dozens/hundreds of indigenous peoples around the world whose cultures, belief systems, and livelihoods are inextricably intertwined with the natural world, climate change is a daily reality that threatens everything.

What happens when an artist, a scientist, and a conservationist explore the planet to study the impact of climate change on indigenous people? Mythology, history, art, and culture turn climate change into more than just a series of statistics. For much of the world, it’s very, very personal.

Markus Reymann of TBA21 takes us on a journey to Papua New Guinea to understand the ancient practice of shark calling.

Ridge to Reef - Episode 1

 Underwater and Fashion Reel 2017

If you have seen any of my public art installations, you know that my passion is the ocean. I love the juxtaposition of humans with the ocean as this isn't planet earth, its planet ocean. I am actively seeking brands that want to use their power for good. Aside from directing my own show Ridge to Reef, I want to be able to use my artistic powers alongside various brands to tell a very powerful story. If you're a brand ready for action, then I want to work with you. If you're a brand happy with destroying the earth, Lookout because I'm coming for you!

OCEANTM  marine global solutions for global impact

Ocean is a blockchain platform with a mission to protect 30% of the worlds oceans by 2030. This is achieved by reducing the cost of enforcement and defining financial value of the Ocean’s resources. Thus providing an basis for the theory that the life in the oceans are worth more alive than dead. OCEAN™ is partnering up with technology firms to increase the amount of understanding we have in terms of the amount of fish, temperatures, and other data sets. If we can measure something, we can improve it. The OCEAN™ Platform enables other developers to take their ocean data and collaborate with others on a global network.

The idea - Blockchain to store an inventory of the ocean

What if we had a better idea of what kinds of life existed in a specific region of water? Imagine having a warehouse full of goods with no inventory tracking. How would you know if someone was taking too much? You wouldn’t. Our Oceans face a number of threats and often we don’t learn the impacts until it’s too late. We hope to change that.

Our main approach consists of utilizing the valuable attributes of the Ethereum blockchain technology such as traceable tokens as well as transparent smart contracts for the purpose of protecting one of the world’s most precious assets - the oceans.

The OCN Coin provides an infrastructure and support system to the Marine Protected Areas (MPAs) and Exclusive Economic Zones (EEZs) established around coastlines of countries and islands.

Unlike other concepts of this nature. We put a commercial value on the assets in the ocean that are often harvested for fishing. Our strategy is to provide a financial value to protecting waters as opposed to seeing it as a liability. 

Read more about how blockchain is being used to Save our Seas

The how - 'Mako'

Imagine a vessel that is able to autonomously collect data around your protected area and able to intercept potential violators unmanned. The Mako is a multi-purpose solution provided by our partners at iSENSYS