The Ocean Impact Podcast


The Ocean Impact Podcast follows co-founders Tim Silverwood and Nick Chiarelli on a ‘journey of discovery’ as they launch Ocean Impact Organisation and pursue their mission to ‘create an abundant and sustainable ocean through inspiration, innovation, leadership, and good business’.

The Ocean Impact Podcast

22 Episodes


Mike Smith is the Founder and Chief ‘Used Pouch Salesman’ of Zero Co, an Australian startup on a mission to untrash the planet by stopping the production of new single... more

Lisa Blair is an Australian adventurer, author, keynote speaker and multi world record holding sailor. After the passionate and rapid adoption of open ocean sailing and solo ocean sailing, Lisa... more

Dr. Clinton Schultz is a surfer, psychologist, proud Gamilaroi man and the co-founder of First Nations owned and operated business Sobah. Sobah are pioneers of the Australian non-alcoholic craft beer... more

Dr Vanessa Pirotta is a wildlife scientist, science communicator and ‘Superstar of STEM’. Vanessa’s achievements in wildlife conservation, research and science communication have led to wide acclaim in recent years,... more

Courtney Boyd Myers (aka CBM) is the co-founder and CEO of AKUA, a US based startup on a mission to bring healthy, sustainable seagreens (kelp) products to markets across the... more

Dr Easkey Britton is an Irish surfer, author, marine social scientist, artist and ocean leader. Easkey’s research, passion and writing explores human connection with the natural cycles of the environment... more

Sarah Wilson is an award-winning author, minimalist, philanthropist and climate activist. After a career in the limelight of media and TV and as the founder of ‘I Quit Sugar’, Sarah... more

Emily Jateff is the Curator of Ocean Science and Technology at the Australian National Maritime Museum (Sea Museum) and a distinguished maritime archaeologist. Emily is a passionate science communicator on... more

In this special episode of the Ocean Impact Podcast recorded live on Instagram, the Co-founders of OIO, Tim Silverwood and Nick Chiarelli, take a deep dive into the organisation and... more

Belinda Baggs is a professional surfer, mother, ocean lover and Co-founder of Surfers for Climate, a ‘sea-roots movement dedicated to climate action’. Belinda is also a ‘Global Surf Activist’ with... more

Titouan Bernicot is the founder and CEO of Coral Gardeners, a reef restoration project based in Mo’orea, French Polynesia with a mission to revolutionise ocean conservation and generate collaboration to... more

At 16 years of age, Solli Raphael is the youngest guest to appear on the Ocean Impact Podcast to date. An accomplished poet, author, conservationist and public speaker, Solli was... more

Julie Mathers is the founder and CEO of Flora and Fauna, Australia’s largest online eco retailer and the world’s largest vegan online marketplace. A genuine impact entrepreneur, Julie is an... more

Improvise. Adapt. Overcome. This is a mantra that had been drilled into Paul De Gelder since the earliest days of his military training in the Australian Army. It’s a mantra... more

Dr. Cliff Kapono is a professional surfer, chemist and journalist from Hilo on the Big Island of Hawaii. Amongst a broad and distinguished career, Bruddah Cliff (as he’s become known)... more

We are excited to bring you the first ever Ocean Impact Podcast episode recorded at sea! For this episode, our guest Jess Leitmanis was tuning in live from the Schmidt... more

Pete Ceglinski is the Co-founder and CEO of Seabin Project, a brilliant innovation that is “part rubbish bin, part pool skimmer” and helping to create cleaner waterways and oceans in... more

Have you heard the buzz about asparagopsis seaweed and it’s remarkable ability to reduce carbon emissions from livestock when blended with animal feed? This podcast takes a deep dive into... more

Professor Tim Flannery is one of the world’s foremost climate scientists, activists and communicators. Starting his science career as a paleontologist and mammalogist Professor Tim became absorbed in the science... more

In episode 12 of the Ocean Impact Podcast ‘Pitchfest 2020 Series’ Nick Chiarelli speaks with Dr Sara Andreotti, co-founder and Chief Operating Officer at SharkSafe Barrier. SharkSafe Barrier, a Pitchfest... more

In episode 11 of the Ocean Impact Podcast ‘Pitchfest 2020 Series’ Nick Chiarelli speaks with Fanny Sauvignon, Business Development Manager at Ingine. Ingine, a Pitchfest 2020 Finalist, are a South... more

In episode 10 of the Ocean Impact Podcast ‘Pitchfest 2020 Series’ Nick Chiarelli speaks with Juan Peña Ibáñez, CEO of Orbital EOS. Orbital EOS, a Pitchfest 2020 Finalist, provide satellite-based... more

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