Inside Seaweed


This is the podcast where we talk about the incredible world of seaweed and how this growing industry is bringing innovation and solutions to address climate change and the environmental crisis.

Fed DeGobbi

12 Episodes


Danny Matthews is a branding expert with a big vision to solve the world’s biggest problems with creative design and brand strategy. Among his accolades he has been featured in... more

Dr Craig Rose PhD is a marine biologist and the Founder and CEO of Seaweed & Co., the company behind his Doctor Seaweed range of award-winning nutritional supplements. Dr Craig... more

Harry Wright is the Founder and Director of Bright Tide. Harry studied law and practised in the private sector for ten years. It was there he saw the potential to... more

Sachi Singh is the Founder and CEO of Rootless. With a decade of experience in international climate change solutions and a Masters in Environmental Management from Yale University, Sachi is... more

Andrew Wilkinson is Seafood Specialist and Chef Director of Research and Development at North Coast Seafoods. He is a chef with a deep love for fresh ingredients and a passion... more

Simon Davis is a serial entrepreneur and the founder of SEADLING, a seaweed biotechnology startup, that has been leading innovation in the seaweed sector in South East Asia since 2018.... more

Courtney Boyd Myers (Founder & CEO of AKUA) is an entrepreneur, environmentalist, writer, and new Mama to Romy Ocean. Prior to launching AKUA, she helped build the Summit Community, a... more

Matthew is the Founder and CEO of Macro Oceans, a startup transforming seaweed into low-carbon chemicals for use in materials, cosmetics, food, and many other applications. Matthew is an experienced... more

Californian designer Julia Marsh is the CEO and co-founder of Sway, a venture-backed materials company which produces compostable packaging made from seaweed. Julia's work is inspired by a lifelong affection... more

Arctic Seaweed is on a mission to transform seaweed cultivation with disruptive technology. As Strategic Advisor, Matthias Boeing is assisting the company to build a strategy for scaling up. He's... more

Kaly is a natural capital operating platform whose mission is to scale the production of regeneratively farmed seaweed in Scotland and develop new routes to market through higher-value processing using... more

GreenWave trains and supports regenerative ocean farmers in the eraof climate change, working with coastal communities to create a blueeconomy—built and led by ocean farmers. Sam Garwin leads GreenWave’s efforts... more

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