Can innovation, entrepreneurship and investment make the planet happier and healthier? Abigail Carroll thinks so. Known as Maine's Oyster Lady, Abigail sold her aquaculture and tourism business NONESUCH MAINE in 2021 and has since been advising and investing in high-growth start-ups in the US and Europe that seek to help solve some of the world's most pressing problems, all while turning a profit. Through conversations with founders, investors, and thought leaders, Abigail shares this thought-provoking and hope-promoting world with her audience. And always with a little humour.

Abigail Carroll

12 Episodes


This week I am delighted to introduce you to the entrepreneur who inspired this whole podcast, Brian Tsuyoshi Takeda, Founder and CEO of Urchinomics. I met Brian through our last... more

Today we cross the pond and speak with Harry Wright, Founder of Bright Tide, a UK-based consultancy helping businesses achieve their milestones and sustainability goals through hackathons, accelerator programs, and... more

This week we meet Nanette Medved-Po, a Philippine entrepreneur who began her career as an actress and became a regional celebrity thanks to her role as the local version of... more

As promised, Happy Planet is kicking off 2023 with an interview with Patrick Breeding, the young founder who says he’s building Maine’s next “unicorn.” And he’s doing it with a... more

Meet Chip Terry, Founder and CEO of BlueTrace, a Maine based software company aiming to digitize the seafood industry where the vast majority of tagging, tracing and reporting is still... more

Meet Lisa Scali of Ocean’s Balance, a seaweed-based food startup specializing in staple pantry items. This is a particularly fun episode for me because Lisa and I met in graduate... more

In this week’s episode of Happy Planet we meet Bernard Hidier, Co-Founder of Finsulate.  The serial impact-entrepreneur shares his story of how the sea urchin inspired his company’s totally unique... more

This week we speak with Blaine Grimes, the woman behind Gulf of Maine Ventures, the investment arm of Gulf of Maine Research Institute. I really enjoyed my conversation with Blaine.... more

In Happy Planet’s third episode we meet Griffin O’Driscoll, the young CEO of Organicin Scientific. Griffin joined forces with his professor Dr. Margaret Riley to commercialize her 25+ years of... more

Meet Nicholas Sullivan, author of Blue Revolution, who helps debunk some of the myths around wild caught seafood versus aquaculture and tells us about new blue technologies that will make... more

Meet Bill Curtsinger, a pioneer of underwater sea photography. He has many “firsts” to his name including being the first to photograph a narwhal.  Bill was also my neighbour growing... more

Welcome to Happy Planet where we speak with entrepreneurs, investors and thought leaders driving the impact economy. I am your host, Abigail Carroll. For a long time I was best... more

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