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Presented by Rhode Island, the Ocean State: The Blue Economy Podcast dives deep into every aspect of the world's burgeoning ocean economy.

Host: David Hirschman 

Rhode Island: The Ocean State

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We were thrilled to be joined by Lisa Marrocchino, the CEO of Proteus Ocean Group, to discuss their mission of building a state-of-the-art modular underwater habitat observatory. 

In this episode we learn about how bluetech innovation is advancing in other parts of the world. We spoke with Alexandra Leeper, PhD, who is managing director for innovation at... more

Chris Waterson of Waterson Terminal Services, LLC joins the Blue Economy Podcast to discuss the rapid increase in vessel traffic at PROVPORT INC.

Continuing our series of interviews highlighting the Ocean Tech Hub of Southeastern New England, on this episode we take a look at the economic potential of the ocean technology sector... more

Presented by the Ocean Tech Hub of Southeastern New England, we take a close look at the value "Digital Twin Technology" can have when it comes to advancing ocean research... more

We spoke this week with John Nicholas, the CEO of East Hampton Shucker.  John transformed his family's Long Island marina into an oyster pond, and has created a new device that... more

We're joined by Damian Ewens, the founder of Ocean State of Mind as well as a new consulting business focused on supporting the Blue Economy. He told us about an... more

We were thrilled to join famed undersea explorer Victor Vescovo to discuss his Five Deeps expedition; his thoughts on the future of ocean exploration; and more. 

Peter Baker, subsea product manager, with Australia-based Advanced Navigation, called in from Sydney to talk about HYDRUS – Advanced Navigation’s new “miniature undersea autonomous vessel” product that's small enough to... more

Drew Carey, co-founder and CEO of INSPIRE Environmental, joined the program to discuss INSPIRE Environmental’s recent study regarding fish population and catch activity near and around the Block Island Wind... more

Ted Janulis, the founder and principal of Investable Oceans (and a former president of the New York Explorers Club), joins us on this episode to discussion his "obsession" with the... more

On our first episode of Season 3, University of Rhode Island President Marc Parlange joined us to tell us about the Build Back Better Regional Challenge -- and discuss how... more

On this episode, we spoke with Tony Chen, the co-founder of Manolin. Manolin is a data analytics company focused on helping aquaculture farmers combine human and artificial intelligence to better predict... more

401 Tech Bridge was the first entity to partner with the NavalX Tech Bridge initiative, creating a national collaborative model for naval defense innovation. Executive Director Christian Cowan joined the... more

Dr. Elle Wibisono, a John A. Knauss Marine Policy Fellow with the United States Senate, joined us to talk about her experience working on ocean and coastal policy issues.

11th Hour Racing's president and co-founder Rob MacMillan, and grant program director Michelle Carnevale, covered ocean stewardship and sustainability, grant-making, and the future of competitive sailing as a 'mainstream' sport.... more

Port Commissioner Rafael Castellanos and Jason Giffen with the Port of San Diego joined us to tell us how they're trying to build on their city's Blue Economy leadership.

Judson Kauffman, co-CEO and co-founder of Terradepth, joined us to discuss how his company is using autonomous submersibles to collect data and "drain the ocean of ignorance." 

Dr. Yi Chao, CEO and founder of California-based Seatrec, joined the podcast to discuss how his company's thermal energy technology is powering everything from sensors to underwater robots. 

Dr. Paula Bontempi, the dean of University of Rhode Island's Graduate School of Oceanography, joined us to discuss how the world of academia is preparing students to take ocean exploration... more

Nir Gartzman, co-founder of Israel-based venture capital firm theDOCK, joined us to discuss his thoughts on maritime investment opportunities. 

Based in Boston, Sea Machines specializes in advanced control technology for workboats and other commercial surface vessels. CEO Michael Johnston joined us to discuss which industries are currently using this... more

Celebrating its 50th anniversary, Oceanology International is the largest ocean technology conference in the world... and this year, you don't need to travel to London to take it all in.... more

Is there a college student out there who has the Blue Economy's next big idea? SeaAhead's BlueGreen Innovation Challenge is venturing to find out.

Rob Knecht,  co-founder Real Oyster Cult,  joined us back in March to discuss the rapidly growing oyster industry.

As the co-founder of Katapult Ocean and founder/CEO of Fynd Ocean Ventures, Maren Hjorth Bauer is a leading blue-tech investor based out of Norway. She joined the podcast to tell... more

On this episode, we're talking about maritime market intelligence. How are data analytics shaping the future of global trade? Who's in line to become the "Amazon of shipping?" Matt Morgan,... more

Where does Rhode Island fit in to the global Blue Economy? Do we really know less about the ocean floor than we do about the dark side of the moon?... more

As Rhode Island (and the rest of the world) work toward recovering from the impact of COVID-19, Save the Bay Executive Director Jonathan Stone says protecting the Narragansett Bay should... more

Maria Gallucci is a freelance science journalist covering energy technology and policy in the United States and Latin America. She joined the podcast to talk about her career, her beat... more

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