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ASPN, a service of Coastal News Today, is the platform for top minds in coastal and ocean business, policy, science, and advocacy. With ASPN, you'll be better prepared, better informed, and better equipped to thrive, no matter what you do on the coast. See the complete coastal landscape with ASPN and CNT and gain insight into the critical issues affecting the American shoreline.

No other platform brings together so many cross-sectional coastal experts. We believe understanding the spectrum of coastal issues and interests is the key to truly thriving on the American shoreline.

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What’s the most common beach pollution? How is our health affected by beach pollution? These are just some of the topics Genevieve and Kyra discuss in this edition of All... more

Join Wave Makers host Tamara Kahn as she sits down with a friend who has always shared her spirit of adventure and now a passion for Blue tech as well. Jonathan Ballesteros, the... more

In the latest episode of the American Shoreline Podcast, hosts Peter Ravella and Tyler Buckingham sit down with the team behind the forthcoming documentary "Chasing the Tide," set to begin... more

Tune into this special episode of the Sea Change Podcast to celebrate the autumn equinox with Jenna, Portland Poets Society, and a sea of poetry! A special thanks to the... more

We shouldn't be surprised that plastics make their way into the Great Lakes.  But, did you know that about 22 million pounds of plastic get into the Great Lakes each... more

In this month's episode of the American Blue Economy Podcast, our host Rear Admiral, Tim Gallaudet, PhD, US Navy (ret) looks at the topic of leadership. Whether it is the work of government agencies like... more

In this special episode, Peter Ravella and Tyler Buckingham are thrilled to announce a landmark collaboration with NOAA: the upcoming podcast "Planet NOAA: From Sun to Sea, and Everything in... more

We are nearing the end of the RESCUE series. This week, in its 30th edition, we're talking about water: the well-spring of world ocean health and the essential natural system... more

In 2021, John Englander was on Shorewords, talking about his book, Moving to Higher Ground. Much of the conversation was about options for adapting to the rise in sea level... more

In this episode of Going Coastal, Jon and Deb are joined by the three co-chairs of this year’s National Coastal Conference - Brian Caufield, Maura Boswell and Lee Weishar.  Find out the... more

In this episode of the American Shoreline Podcast, Peter Ravella and Tyler Buckingham sit down with returning guest David Abel, an award-winning reporter and documentary filmmaker. With an eye for... more

We are nearing the end of the 33-part RESCUE series. This week we turn our attention to the young people around the world that are approaching outdated conventions with resilience... more

You know the show, you love the show, but do you know how the Sea Change Podcast came to be? Join us for a special episode as we celebrate the... more

In this special reairing for Labor Day, join Peter Ravella and Tyler Buckingham as they explore the extraordinary legacy of the USS New Jersey (BB-62), the most decorated battleship in... more

How do we as humans understand the ocean's influence on us? Do we understand the influence that we have on the ocean? Both of these questions fall under the concept... more

In this episode of Wave Makers, host Tamara Kahn is delighted to share a company helping anyone who delights in the ocean get involved in helping it! Smartfin turns surfers and paddlers into scientists... more

In this episode of the American Shoreline Podcast, Peter Ravella and Tyler Buckingham dive deep into the unique intersection of oral history and environmental change. Special guest Tara Hinton, a... more

This week we continue the multi-part RESCUE series with a highlight of the World Ocean Explorer virtual aquarium project of the W2O, an innovative tool by which to present responsible... more

The Value of Maritime Shipping to the Great Lakes with Adam Tindall-Schlicht, Administrator to the Great Lakes Saint Lawrence Seaway Development Corporation.  Last month, a coalition of maritime interests published... more

In this episode, Kyra and GG discuss one of the biggest questions concerning climate change, will environmental changes cause people to move? GG discusses working on a multi-university collaborative team... more

On The Capitol Beach, host Derek Brockbank is joined by Adam Schempp with the Environmental Law Institute and Daniel Govoni with North Carolina Division of Coastal Management to explore federal consistency as established by... more

In this episode of the American Shoreline Podcast, hosts Peter Ravella and Tyler Buckingham unravel the innovative approach of the Island County Marine Resources Committee with Dr. Jill Lipoti and... more

Whale kisses: For centuries, grey whales have traveled from the Arctic area San Ignacio Lagoon for a protected nursery area. For twenty years, James Dorsey has been a naturalist at... more

On the July episode of the American Blue Economy Podcast, our host Rear Admiral, Tim Gallaudet, PhD, US Navy (ret)  shines a spotlight on the NOAA  Corps of Commissioned Officers and their many blue economy contributions.... more

In an episode, hosts Peter Ravella and Tyler Buckingham welcome Shanee Stopnitzky to explore the vast complexities of marine ecology, technology, and human exploration. From the promise of artificial upwellings... more

This week on World Ocean Radio we continue the RESCUE series with recommendations to further protect the ocean--by building ocean literacy into every level of education and action around the... more

One year ago, this oceanside conversation became an instant classic. Tune in to meet Jenna's dear friend and Founder of cWave Labs, Mac Cardona. Mac is a wildlife biologist and... more

In this episode of the Going Coastal Podcast, we discuss the ASBPA Blue Flag Award Program with Annie Mercer, program coordinator for ASBPA, and Porsche Nauls, Departmental Facilities Planner II... more

In this favorite episode, hosts Peter Ravella and Tyler Buckingham dive deep with Andrew S. Lewis, exploring his captivating New York Times Magazine piece, "The Long, Slow Drowning of the... more

This month on The Ocean Decade Show, we're harkening back to a key part of the Decade that we first covered way back on Episode 3 of the podcast -... more

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