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ASPN, a service of Coastal News Today, is the platform for top minds in coastal and ocean business, policy, science, and advocacy. With ASPN, you'll be better prepared, better informed, and better equipped to thrive, no matter what you do on the coast. See the complete coastal landscape with ASPN and CNT and gain insight into the critical issues affecting the American shoreline.

No other platform brings together so many cross-sectional coastal experts. We believe understanding the spectrum of coastal issues and interests is the key to truly thriving on the American shoreline.

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This week on World Ocean Radio, part one of a multi-part series entitled RESCUE, outlining a new plan for the ocean and a new perspective to enable a new set... more

Welcome to the New Year! Genevieve and Kyra discuss roadblocks they have encountered in their marine science careers. They have an open and honest conversation about studying and working in... more

North Coast Chronicles visits the Port of Cleveland with its President and CEO, Will Friedman.  Cleveland was founded in 1796 by General Moses Cleaveland along the mouth of the Cuyahoga... more

Before diving into a new year of exciting ocean and water tech pioneers, host Tamara Kahn kicks off the new year with a chat exploring what kind of policy and... more

In our latest episode, co-hosts Peter Ravella and Tyler Buckingham welcome Yi Liu and Dr. Keith Moore as our guests to discuss their recent paper, "Climate change could cause 'disaster'... more

On this episode of Shorewords!, join host Lesley Ewing in conversation with Kiki Patsch and Ryan Anderson about their paper, Adapting to Shoreline Retreat: Finding a Path Forward. We spoke... more

Tune in to the first Sea Change Podcast episode of the New Year to catch up with Jenna and her good friend, Rafeed Hussain. During this discussion, the two chat... more

In this episode of the American Shoreline Podcast, co-hosts Peter Ravella and Tyler Buckingham welcome Mayor Patrick Rosenello of North Wildwood, New Jersey to discuss the ongoing legal battle between... more

Pack your bags and your camera because you’re about to become a citizen scientist. Visitors to the Oregon Coast are able to document the impacts of sea level rise during... more

In this episode of Going Coastal, Dr. Chris Leaman joins Marissa and Jon from Brisbane, Australia to talk about his PhD in the land down under.  Hear about how he... more

In this episode of the American Shoreline Podcast, co-hosts Peter Ravella and Tyler Buckingham discuss the top coastal and ocean storylines to watch in 2023. They delve into topics such... more

Happy New Year, and happy 3rd official year of the Ocean Decade - and The Ocean Decade Show podcast. To kick off 2023, this month's episode features Taylor a bit... more

On the First WaterLog Podcast episode of 2023, Howard and Dan cover coastal funding in the FY23 omnibus appropriations and legislative changes in the Water Resources Development Act of 2022.

In this rebroadcast, Peter Ravella and Tyler Buckingham welcome Dr. Naomi Rose to the show to discuss the science and ethical considerations of cetacean (that's whales and dolphins, folks!) live... more

In this special rebroadcast  of the American Blue Economy Podcast, we revisit our interview with renowned ocean explorer Dr. Robert Ballard. This rerun is particularly timely as the US Navy... more

Welcome to the last episode of the year! Host Tamara Kahn celebrates the first anniversary of Wave Makers with a mini recap of the guests that have graced the mic... more

The Duke All Swell? team is joined by Dr. David Mizrahi, Vice President of Research and Monitoring at New Jersey Audubon. David is also one of the founders of the... more

In this holiday special, hosts Peter Ravella and Tyler Buckingham dive deep into Jim Blackburn's 2022 Texas Coastal Newsletter with Jim Blackburn himself! For over 30 years, Jim has authored... more

The December episode of North Coast Chronicles: Tales from the Great Lakes podcast honors the sacred water in this episode "The Water Walker: The Life and Inspiration of Josephine Mandamin"... more

In this month's episode of the the American Blue Economy Podcast, our host Rear Admiral, Tim Gallaudet, PhD, US Navy (ret) addresses the role of artificial intelligence (AI) in the American Blue Economy. Drawing... more

Tune into this special episode of the Sea Change Podcast to celebrate the winter solstice with Jenna, the Portland Poets Society, and a sea of poetry! A special thanks to... more

On this episode, hosts Peter Ravella and Tyler Buckingham speak with Patrick Barnard about the role that the U.S. Geological Survey plays on the American Shoreline. Patrick is the Research... more

Gaelin Rosenwaks, marine scientist, filmmaker, and explorer, is no stranger to Shorewords listeners.  In June 2020 she talked about her passion for sperm whales that came from her experience as... more

In this episode of Going Coastal, Montana Denton joins Jon and Marissa from New Zealand to chat about writing and following your passions. Montana is a recent graduate from USC... more

On this episode, hosts Peter Ravella and Tyler Buckingham speak with Brad Warren a new program of Global Ocean Health, Building Tribal Leadership in Carbon Removal. To start, the new... more

During this episode, Jenna sits down with her friend Ben Cosgrove for a chilly but lively chat along the Maine coastline. Ben is a traveling composer-performer whose music explores themes of... more

A follow up on the Oregon Coast Visitors Association’s work around tourism and climate action. Join Big Tourism’s host Arica Sears as she discusses COP27 with climate scientist Patty Martin... more

On the December Edition of the WaterLog Podcast, Howard and Dan talk about lame ducks, a recent GOP earmark vote, disaster reforms, environmental justice, and offshore wind.

On this episode, hosts Peter Ravella and Tyler Buckingham speak with the Environmental Defense Fund's Rachel Rhode about the future of Mississippi River Delta, and how river diversions and adaptive... more

In Part 2 of this episode of The Ocean Decade Show, the plan was to simply cover COP27 from a different perspective, but boy oh boy what a wide ranging... more

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