The Power of Collaboration

Daniella Fernandez, Planet & Purpose

The Power of Collaboration
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Of the United Nations’ 17 Sustainable Development Goals (SDG), SDG14—Life Below Water—continues to receive the least long-term funding. In fact, according to Economist Impact, the ocean has received only 0.56% of all philanthropic funding since 2016.

That’s why those of us focused on ocean restoration and innovation know that a hybrid, intersectional approach to funding and elevating our work is essential to achieving impact at scale and with speed.

So for this month’s edition of Planet & Purpose, I talked to experts from across varying sectors to offer their informed perspectives on the power of collaboration for the ocean, including:

  • Courtney Boyd Myers (CBM), Founder & CEO of AKUA PBC
  • Ted Janulis, Founder & Principal at Investable Oceans
  • Peter Bryant, Oceans Program Director at Builders Initiative

Looking ahead, our September edition and interviewees will tackle the impact of the sustainable blue economy as we celebrate the contributions of its inspiring workforce.

Read the full feature here

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