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Showcasing the best and brightest in the environmental community. Finding solutions that benefit the planet and the people.

We feature scientists, business owners, activists, entrepreneurs, cooks, and other experts from around the world who have found ways to live more sustainably.

Laura Nash

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12/23/2021 | 61 MINS

145. Mushrooms

    Mushrooms have been eaten by people for thousands of years, or perhaps even longer. They are used as a healthy food source, as medicine, fire starter, meat replacement... more

11/22/2021 | 30 MINS

144. Food Forward L.A.

    Rick Nahmias is the founder and CEO of Food Forward, an organization based in L.A. that addresses food waste and food insecurity. In July 2021 they had their... more

11/09/2021 | 30 MINS

143. Cuba

    Cuba is known as a beautiful tourist destination with colourful landscapes and beach resorts. But what is it like to live under a communist government? Is it better... more

10/24/2021 | 30 MINS

142. Northshore Apothecary

            Lou Corbett works with plants in a cabin in the woods north of Toronto. She founded Northshore Apothecary where she sells her products, all... more

10/15/2021 | 30 MINS

141. Stay Well With Ferm Fatale

    Julie Cielo is the founder of Ferm Fatale, a shrub kombucha mocktail company offered in sustainable packaging. She started Ferm Fatale to replace alcoholic drinks with something much... more

10/04/2021 | 30 MINS

140. NewLife Forests in Arizona

      NewLife Forest Restoration is a lumber manufacturer with sawmills located in Heber and Williams, Arizona. This lumber manufacturer prides itself on its Zero Waste Initiative and works... more

09/23/2021 | 29 MINS

139. Riff Energy Drinks

  Each year, 11 billion kilograms of dried green coffee is processed for export, but it's only a tiny portion of the plant. Over 45 billion kilograms of cascara (the... more

09/15/2021 | 29 MINS

138. Aura7 Activewear

    Aura 7 Activewear is made with recycled fibers from ghost fishing nets and other ocean waste. Their mission is to clean more seas and plant more trees by... more

09/08/2021 | 30 MINS

137. Neatly Cleaning Product

    Iryna Rosetti Pacheco spent many years as a chemist in the cleaning industry before developing a new cleaning product called Neatly, which comes without plastic packaging or harmful... more

07/16/2021 | 29 MINS

136. Bay of Quinte

  Sarah Midlane-Jones is the communications coordinator for Bay of Quinte Remedial Action Plan, an organization dedicated to keeping the water clean in the Bay of Quinte on the northern... more

07/05/2021 | 31 MINS

135. Pipelines on Indigenous Land

Canada has some of the most ethical and environmentally friendly processes for extracting and transporting oil and gas in the world, yet we've become a hotspot for pipeline protestors who... more

06/21/2021 | 31 MINS

134.Electronic Waste With Sunnking

      Sunnking is an electronic waste recovery service in New York that recycles over 25 million pounds every year.   Adam Shine is the Vice President of Sunnking,... more

06/07/2021 | 30 MINS

133. Love Zero Waste

Evelina Lundqvist and Malin Leth host the Love Zero Waste Podcast and share what it's like living zero waste in Austria and Sweden. 

05/20/2021 | 30 MINS

132. Emerald Packaging

There has been a gigantic increase in the demand for plastic food packaging since the Covid pandemic started. Kevin Kelly is the CEO of Emerald Packaging, a family-owned plastic packaging... more

05/08/2021 | 30 MINS

131.Zero Waste in India

    Sahar Mansoor and Tim de Ridder are the co-authors of Bare Necessities: How to Live a Zero-Waste Life.     Sahar is also the founder and CEO of... more

04/17/2021 | 30 MINS

130. A.I., Biotech, & Palm Oil

      Leonardo Alvarez is the Chief Executive Officer of Protera, a biotech company he founded in his early 20's alongside his colleague, now Chief Operating Officer Francia Navarrete. Mr. Alvarez... more

04/02/2021 | 29 MINS

129. Diamonds From The Air

      Early in 2021 Elon Musk offered $100M in prize money for new carbon capture technology and there's a company already using carbon capture tech: Aether Diamonds.  ... more

03/28/2021 | 30 MINS

128. UBQ Materials

    Liat Arad is the VP of Marketing for UBQ Materials, a company that's spent many years developing a patented process to convert unsorted waste -- everything from banana peels... more

03/19/2021 | 30 MINS

127. Open Source 3D Printing

      Joshua M. Pearce, Ph.D., is the Richard Witte Professor of Materials Science & Engineering, Professor of Electrical & Computer Engineering, and Director of the Michigan Tech Open... more

Jussara Lee is a longtime fashion designer in New York City who came to New York to study fashion from Brazil and now focuses on fashion sustainability. Jussara joins the... more

03/06/2021 | 52 MINS

125. Sourdough

      Heather MacMillan from Heather's Hearth is a professional sourdough bread maker and educator, hosting sourdough classes around the Ottawa and Barry's Bay area (I took her course... more

02/27/2021 | 60 MINS

124. Madawaska Kanu Centre

      Madawaska Kanu Centre (MKC) west of Ottawa is a sustainable whitewater paddling school and resort, offering guests whitewater experiences, friendly staff, and incredible food.     Stefi... more

02/21/2021 | 31 MINS

123. BC Salmon Farms

  The Canadian federal government recently announced that it would order about 19 salmon farms closed in British Columbia (BC) but without any local community consultation. Farmed salmon is BC's... more

02/12/2021 | 29 MINS

122. Urban Salmon

    Caption: A team led by researchers at the University of Washington Tacoma, UW and Washington State University Puyallup have discovered a chemical that kills coho salmon in urban... more

02/07/2021 | 30 MINS

121. Edible Coffee Cups

        2.7 million takeaway coffee cups are being sent to landfill in Australia each day. Luckily, Catherine Hutchins and Aniyo Rahebi founded a new startup called Good-Edi,... more

01/31/2021 | 31 MINS

120. Water For First Nations

    Jocelyn Burzuik, President and Senior Construction Manager at Sundance Construction, joins the Zero Waste Countdown once again to talk about a very important issue here in Canada that... more

Jocelyn Burzuik is the President and Senior Construction Manager of Sundance Construction in Manitoba, and when it comes to her new housing development, affordability is directly related to sustainability! Jocelyn... more

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