The Whale Who Saved Me

A short film from WaterBear, a dynamic and impact-focused interactive streaming platform. 

Produced by WaterBear Network

In 2017, whale biologist Nan Hauser had an extraordinary, one-of-a-kind experience. While snorkelling in the pristine waters of the Cook Islands, a Humpback Whale approached her and for 10 minutes pushed her around with its mouth and fin. Only at the end of this interaction did Nan notice something that may explain this strange behaviour; perhaps there's more going on with these human-animal interactions than meets the eye.

This film delves into the fascinating story of Nan's interactions with the whale, and seeks to understand why we, as humans, get so much from interacting with animals, what animals may take from these experiences, and why we're more connected to the natural world than we realise.

Watch the short film here 

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