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Nathan Zvi is on a mission to bring climate innovators to the forefront of media and help the people of the world reduce their carbon footprint, save money, and live happier. The Net Zero Life podcast answers the most basic question of “Why should you care about climate change?” and dives deep into topics such as “How many times do you need to use your Hydroflask before it is better than a Poland Springs water bottle?” Along the way you’ll hear from sustainability thought leaders such as climate scientists, politicians, celebrities, business people, and everyday folks who are living their best net zero life.

Nathan Zvi

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Today on the show we have Dr. Jennifer Holmgren, CEO of the most important carbon recycling company in climate tech, LanzaTech. LanzaTech takes CO2 and turns it into useful materials like... more

A few years ago, Hal Harvey, an acclaimed energy advisor and Justin Gillis, an award winning New York Times climate reporter, discussed the health of our planet over steaks. By... more

Welcome to The Net Zero Life Season 4, I’m Nathan Zvi. The question driving us this season is “How Do We Measure Impact?” Our guests are climate leaders from all... more

In the tenth and final episode of season three, TNZL explores the lessons of a technologist with a rich history of environmental-focused innovation.  From teacher to engineer to hedge fund... more

How do you ensure a new renewable energy project is displacing fossil fuel production? How can we ensure clean energy is available to all communities, even those in the most... more

Nori is the carbon removal marketplace that  helps organizations, companies, and individuals meet their climate goals with high-quality carbon removal offsets. They are early advocates of carbon removal (as opposed... more

How do we create new paradigms that shift the current economic incentives that ignore negative externalities like carbon emissions? One method is through new economic markets. But in order to... more

Is cryptocurrency bad for the environment? A simple question with no simple answers. Not all coins are equally bad for the environment. Nearly all crypto related emissions are scope 2... more

How does a banker end up leading the world's largest environmental organization? What resources did he use to build his sustainability knowledge and what frameworks did he learn from 11... more

Business and governments have the unique responsibility to foster innovation that breeds new technologies, especially ones that enable humanity to achieve net zero. While the more recognizable way is via... more

A net zero future starts with zero-carbon electricity and then electrifying everything, so why are developers with fully funded solar and wind energy generation projects waiting to build them? What's... more

How do you move the needle in a hard-to-abate sector? What does good sustainable corporate governance look like in a Fortune 1000 company? In the second episode of season three, TNZL... more

How does one go from teaching in Namibia to founding one of the most audacious climate change programs in the world? Well, in Gavin McCormick's case he was convinced to... more

Welcome to season three of The Net Zero Life. In season one, we spoke to innovators working to bring the world closer to net-zero emissions. Season two continued that journey... more

What does it take to get to net-zero and will we accomplish it fast enough? In the last episode of season two, Nathan speaks with Nat Bullard, Chief Content Officer... more

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