Cascadia Seaweed Corp.
Issuer: Cascadia Seaweed Corp.
Cascadia Seaweed Corp.
Cascadia Seaweed Corp.
Cascadia Seaweed Corp.






Cascadia Seaweed Corp.
Issuer: Cascadia Seaweed Corp.

Cascadia Seaweed is growing to be the largest North American cultivator of seaweed. Partnering with First Nations, we are scaling to bring this ocean and climate-friendly, plant-based food to market. 

Our ocean cultivated seaweed, grown in the pristine waters of British Columbia, requires no freshwater, fertilizers, pesticides or arable land to grow. It utilizes nutrients from the sea, sequesters more carbon than land plants, mitigates acidification, creates habitat, is renewable and fast-growing. It is the definition of regenerative aquaculture. 

We partner with First Nations to design, permit and deploy seaweed farms and tenures that are owned by or leased from First Nations, providing business and employment opportunities.

Under our consumer food products brand - kove - we are bringing healthy, sustainable snacks and fresh products to the North American consumer. We will be selling online and in select grocery stores, across the US and Canada, following harvesting of our first commercial-scale crop in April.

Whilst consumer food products are our first route to market, our technology effort is centred on using seaweeds to reduce bovine methane emissions. We are currently researching seaweed species that can substantially reduce bovine enteric methane production through agrifeed supplements. Our focus is on species that can be scaled, in large ocean farms, to meet the enormous feed demand, as well as farming technologies to enable this large scale deployment.

Our 4 min video provides an overview of our business or visit our website:


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