Cascadia Seaweed Corp.
Issuer: Cascadia Seaweed Corp.
Cascadia Seaweed Corp.
Cascadia Seaweed Corp.
Cascadia Seaweed Corp.






Cascadia Seaweed Corp.
Issuer: Cascadia Seaweed Corp.

Cascadia Seaweed is on a mission to produce as much climate-positive biomass in the ocean as possible, reduce greenhouse gas emissions and build a more resilient food system.

We are now the largest kelp cultivator in Canada.

By partnering with coastal First Nations, we are cultivating seaweed in the ocean at scale to restore marine ecosystems. We then harvest that biomass to produce products that make positive impacts on the environment and build a more resilient food system.

Founded in 2019, we are now the largest kelp cultivator in Canada, with 7 ocean farms totaling 26 hectares and producing 250 wet tonnes.

We expect to be the largest in North America soon, and have plans in place to have 700 hectares under cultivation and produce 37,000 wet tonnes of kelp by 2027.

Cascadia Seaweed is focusing on delivering products in three key areas:

1. Agrifeed Additives: Seaweed-based additives are used in ruminant nutrition for purposes of improving the quality of feed and the animals’ health & growth.

2. Biostimulants: seaweed extracts applied to plants to enhance nutrition efficiency, abiotic stress tolerance, and crop quality traits.

3. Consumer foods: Consumer awareness of the impacts of food choices on climate change has created a shift towards plant-based foods.

Invest in Climate Action, Indigenous Reconciliation and Food Security. Invest in Cascadia Seaweed.


We are currently raising CAD$5 million (USD$3.8M) from investors in a crowdsourcing campaign through FrontFundr. The offer is open to all investors (some conditions apply). We are also raising capital from venture funds, family offices, and accredited investors. The use of funds is to support our farm and agrifeeds buildout under the project sponsored by SDTC and for general growth and operational purposes. 


Grant recipient Sustainable Development Technology Canada (SDTC) $4.33 million, awarded Sept 2022

Agriscience project funding recipient - $1.1 million project sponsored by Agriculture and Agrifoods Canada

Certified B Corporation

Awarded BC Salmon Restoration and Innovation Fund grant of $2.1 million to study its kelp farms as habitats for salmon and other marine life.

BC Food and Beverage Association Innovation Award winner 2020 Article

TIME Magazine: The Ocean Farmers Trying to Save the World With Seaweed TIME Article

Cascadia Seaweed aims to make seaweed a staple of North American diet Vancouver Sun and Times Colonist Newspaper Article

New processing facility on Vancouver Island could help expand local food production CBC news article

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