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A Sustainable Mind is a podcast created for the earth-conscious individual, ecopreneur, environmental activist, sustainability enthusiast, grassroots organizer, minimalist, conscious consumer and the eco-curious. If you are looking to get inspired, motivated and take ACTION to be the change you want to see in the world you are in the right place. Delivered to you each week, Marjorie Alexander brings you environmental changemakers whose campaigns, companies and projects have changed the planet for the better. Featured guests discuss their relationship with nature early on, their journey to a green career, light-bulb moments, sustainable habits, lessons from launching their projects, and much more. Each episode ends with ACTIONABLE advice and resources for you to hit the ground running!

Marjorie Alexander

10 Episodes


Trash Academy, a project of Mural Arts Philadelphia’s Environmental Justice department, is an intergenerational collaboration of young people, seasoned activists, artists, non-profits, local government, and concerned citizens of diverse backgrounds.... more

Noah Hyams is a serial entrepreneur who started VEGPRENEUR to create a global community of entrepreneurs and investors building sustainable, plant-based businesses. Through VEGPRENEUR, Noah has interviewed and brought together... more

Pallavi Pande started Dtocs three years ago with three things in mind, sustainability, community, and usability. Dtocs offers a line of compostable tableware from naturally fallen palm leaves from farms... more

Seth Mansur is a longtime sustainability advocate and Marine Corps veteran, and over the last decade, he has developed a deep understanding of a multitude of energy management solutions. Seth's... more

Kate Flynn, CEO & Co-Founder of Sun & Swell, has an MBA from Harvard, is a Certified Culinary Nutrition Expert, and has a background in strategy consulting in the retail... more

Dr. Rosie Spooner is a British Pediatrician who is currently an Education Fellow at the Centre for Sustainable Healthcare, an NGO working on mainstreaming sustainability practices into planning and delivery... more

Since Emellie O’Brien's first days in production, she knew there was a way for the role of sustainability on-set to go beyond basic waste management and recycling. She got her... more

Benjamin Novak Hudgins is the Co-Founder and CEO of Novak Hair Studios. As a nationally-recognized hairstylist with over 18 years of industry experience, Hudgins uses his expertise to inspire Novak’s... more

Author/illustrator/Designer Dana Simson is a life-long environmentalist and climate change activist. She and her husband live on the frontline of climate change in a 200-year-old house on an island in... more

Bob Powell's dreams and vision about how we can leave the world a better place are being realized at Brightmark, the company he founded to change the way the world... more

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